David Gordon Green's Halloween is only a few weeks away from hitting theaters and to celebrate, Fright Rags has announced a new collection of t-shirts that feature the new sequel as well as John Carpenter's original 1978 Halloween. The clothing company also revealed that these five shirts are only the beginning of their October extravaganza. There will be plenty more on the way. The Halloween shirts announced early in order to get pre-orders shipped and ready to roll, so that fans can have them in time for the October 19th opening.

Out of the five t-shirt designs from Fright Rags for Halloween, three of them are tied to David Gordon Green's new film, while the remaining two pay tribute to the original. The first of the original shirts features an awesome color look with many of the characters from the 1978 movie, including Michael Myers' iconic phone strangulation of Lynda van der Klok. The second of the 1978 series is of a crying Laurie Strode, which is available in black and white, or a super cool glow-in-the-dark variant.

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As for the David Gordon Green Halloween t-shirts from Fright Rags, one of them showcases the Halloween teaser poster art, which features Michael Myers and then another one that has this year's San Diego Comic-Con Halloween poster. While those are certainly awesome, the last t-shirt has some new art from the film with the words, "You don't believe in the boogeyman? You should," written on it. Laurie Strode appears at the bottom of the shirt clutching a gun and Michael Myers looms in the background with his knife. The Halloween t-shirts go up for pre-sale on September 5th.

David Gordon Green's Halloween features the return of Nick Castle as The Shape for one scene, where he reenacts the infamous head tilt from John Carpenter's original. In addition, Castle also provided all of the breathing for Michael Myers, which is a pretty cool tribute to the 1978 film. In a recent interview, Green talked about how the character of Michael Myers has not changed in the last 40 years. The director states that "he's the essence of evil," and that he has no personality or interests, other than moving forward.

While Michael Myers may not have changed for the latest Halloween movie, Laurie Strode has, and she's prepared for The Shape this time around. David Gordon Green reveals that the movie is based on how the world reacts to Myers as the essence of evil, making the villain more mysterious than before. From the looks of the promotional material, and the new Fright Rags t-shirts, Green has achieved his mission. However, it remains to be seen if hardcore horror fans will embrace this new version of the legendary Michael Myers. You can take a look at the brand-new Halloween t-shirts below, thanks to the Fright Rags Twitter account.