David Gordon Green's Halloween was well-received by fans of the franchise when it was released in the fall of last year. Widely considered to be among the best in the series, the new installment is the highest-grossing slasher movie of all time. Reception for the movie may have been very different, however, had it kept its original ending. Prior to Halloween's premiere in theaters, the ending was reshot with something completely different. Recently, producer Ryan Turek explained the reasoning behind their decision to replace the ending at the zero hour.

"I think we went with the ending that fulfilled that promise of you're going to see three generations of Strodes vs. Michael Myers. That's what I'll say. I think what we ultimately went with delivered more of what you want to see on both a cat-and-mouse, stalk-and-kill level as well as emotionally fulfilling a lot of the character arcs we set up for Judy Greer's character and Laurie and Allyson."

In the movie's original ending, the feud between Laurie Strode and Michael Myers culminates in a bloody knife fight. In the struggle, Laurie is horribly wounded, with the implication she is dying. Laurie's daughter Karen then shoots Michael with a crossbow, leaving the masked killer to wander off and bleed out. With the idea that Laurie and Michael killed each other, the ending is much more bleak than the one people saw in theaters. Apparently, the general feeling was that this would leave fans feeling unsatisfied. It's hard to argue that logic, considering fans weren't exactly thrilled when Laurie was unceremoniously killed off in the beginning of Halloween: Resurrection.

Of course, the ending we got firmly establishes Laurie as a survivor and a victor in her battle with Michael. In the movie, Laurie lures Michael into her basement, which is revealed to be a trap. After sealing the exit and filling the room with flames, Michael presumably perishes in the fire while the surviving Strodes escape. Should the movie never get a sequel of its own, this ending could serve as a satisfying conclusion to the Strodes vs. Myers saga. Still, because Michael's corpse is never actually shown, the door is left open for the story to continue in another movie.

Due to its tremendous success at the box office, Halloween already has a sequel in the works. It's not yet clear if Jamie Lee Curtis or other members of the cast and crew from the 2018 movie will return, but that seems to be the most logical route. Last year's movie was a recipe for success, and presumably those at Blumhouse would want all of the key players involved for the sequel. Whatever ends up happening with the inevitable follow-up movie, it's clear that Michael's days of terrorizing Haddonfield on Halloween night are far from over.

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As of today, Halloween is now available on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, and DVD. While the home video release comes with many deleted scenes, there isn't any footage included of the movie's original ending. For those of us who are curious, hopefully we'll be able to see it one day. This information comes to us from Screen Rant.

Jeremy Dick at Movieweb
Jeremy Dick