Jamie Lee Curtis made her triumphant return to the role that made her famous over the weekend as Laurie Strode in the new Halloween. But it turns out the scream queen actually had a pretty unexpected and surprising second role in the slasher sequel. Perhaps more than anything else in the movie, this reveals just how talented Curtis is.

Warning: spoilers ahead for Halloween 2018. There is one very memorable scene in the new movie which sees Michael Myers facing down a crying baby after murdering a random person in a house he just wandered into. For a moment, we are left to wonder if Michael has limits at all, as it appears he might kill the baby. Instead, he leaves the baby alone and crying. We never actually see the baby in the crib but, as director David Gordon Green confirmed in a recent interview, the crying baby was played by none other than Jamie Lee Curtis. Here's what he had to say about it.

"She does this f***ing baby cry, and so when we got really close, we used a real baby cry. As you hear it coming around, you can hear a baby's cry softly in the background. It's her. But that was just a last minute idea."

As the filmmaker previously revealed, this idea of having the baby in the crib was actually a last-minute thing. Originally, it was supposed to be this murdered woman's husband asleep in the living room. Instead, we wound up with one of the movie's most memorable moments and a really fun cameo of sorts for Jamie Lee Curtis. More than that, it presented us something that we've never really seen before in any previous entry in the long-running horror franchise. Michael Myers is more or less a feelingless monster, but even he, apparently, has a line that isn't to be crossed.

Interestingly enough, this was first revealed by Jamie Lee Curtis after Halloween made its domestic debut at this year's Fantastic Fest during a Q&A following the screening. Before making the reveal, those in attendance at the screening were sworn to secrecy in order to avoid the fun little spoiler leaking out online. Surprisingly, that actually worked and nobody, it appears, let the little tidbit leak out ahead of the movie's premiere in theaters over the weekend.

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Speaking of the opening weekend, Halloween is officially back and bigger than ever. The sequel to John Carpenter's classic made $77 million in its opening weekend, which was nearly enough for the all-time October record and the second-highest horror debut ever, trailing only IT. That means it's all but assured that we'll see another sequel in the relatively near future. We won't be waiting another nine years to see Michael Myers carving it up once again on the big screen. This news was previously reported by Game Spot.

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