After having his new Halloween film become the highest-grossing slasher movie of all time, Michael Myers is one of the world's most infamous murderers. He might be a fictional character, but the boogeyman is spreading his terror worldwide, recently pulling in over $200 million at the global box office. In the film, Michael is a seemingly-unstoppable madman and no match for the Haddonfield Police Department. According to their official Facebook account, however, the Carlisle Borough Police Department in Pennsylvania fared much better with the masked maniac, announcing on Thursday they had arrested Michael Myers.

Of course, you can't arrest a movie character, so the post is obviously a joke. Still, it's humorous to see everyone getting into the Halloween spirit, even police officers. "Last night, the Carlisle Borough Police Department apprehended Michael Myers, a 61-year-old fugitive from Haddonfield, Illinois," the Facebook post begins. It is then described that Michael was arrested after a caller phoned in about a suspicious "really tall trick-or-treater" in the neighborhood. When the boogeyman was asked by the police why he traveled all the way to Pennsylvania from Illinois, Michael responded only by "breathing heavily."

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Two photos were posted along with the story. The first one shows Michael Myers in handcuffs, being led to a cruiser by Officer Zach Saum. Another picture depicts Michael in the back of the cruiser, awaiting transport to the police station. Considering what usually happens to the police in Halloween films, these officers are lucky this isn't the real Michael Myers. As a fictional update at the bottom of the post reveals, the man in the mask is actually Union Fire Chief Brian Hamilton, who was "just trying to scare some of the firefighters." Finally, the CBPD jokes that the real boogeyman is still out there, but hopefully back in his home state.

There have certainly been a lot more people dressed as Michael Myers as it has become a very popular Halloween costume this year. This makes sense with David Gordon Green's Halloween hitting theaters a matter of days before the holiday. It seems the officers of the CBPD couldn't help themselves from having some fun with it when they saw Hamilton in costume. The story was likely meant to entertain the locals, but as it's now going viral, the news of their faux arrest is being seen around the world. Even without context, the photos in the post are rather humorous, and will likely be shared for some time to come.

Now playing in theaters, Halloween stars Jamie Lee Curtis reprising her series role of Laurie Strode. Co-starring with Curtis in the cast are Judy Greer in her cheery Christmas sweater, Andi Matichak, Will Patton, Virginia Gardner, Rhian Rees, and Jefferson Hall. The role of Michael Myers is shared by James Jude Courtney and returning actor Nick Castle, who portrayed the killer in the original film. John Carpenter also returned to the series with this installment to executive produce and provide the score, along with Cody Carpenter and Daniel Davies. You can take a look at the CBPD Facebook post below.