Want to know what Michael Myers looks like underneath the mask? Thanks to a newly surfaced behind the scenes photo from the new Halloween, that's now very possible. Though, there are certainly fans who may want to keep the mystique of the character alive. If that's the case, then turn back now. For everyone else, this is probably going to be a cool, very different look at one of the biggest horror hits of the year.

The image first showed up on James Jude Courtney's Instagram, and later on the official Blumhouse Instagram. We get a good look at actor James Jude Courtney, who did the bulk of the lifting as Michael Myers in the new Halloween, looking straight at his face with no mask covering it. By the looks of the photo, this was from the opening sequence where the pair of journalists visit Michael while he's still being institutionalized, given the white jumpsuit he's wearing.

This movie ignores every other sequel in the franchise, meaning Michael isn't scarred from head to toe. This photo shows just how much attention to detail was paid, even though we never actually see Michael's face full-on during the movie. During the scene in question, we do see it from the side, which gives us a look at the scar left by Laurie Strode, which clearly damaged his left eye. But we never get to see him this clearly. Director David Gordon Green chose to keep the mystery of the character largely intact in that way. Still, it's cool to see what old man Michael looks like in the flesh.

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Nick Castle was the original actor under the mask in John Carpenter's 1978 Halloween, famously credited as "The Shape." Castle has a small cameo in the new movie, and he also provided the voiceover for all of the character's breathing and other noises this time around, but he was a bit too old to do what Michael needed to do this time around. Courtney, for his part, did a great job of emulating Castle's presence and capturing that same terrifying, brooding nature. Still, it might have been interesting to see Castle in the makeup, with his face being teased in that opening shot.

In any event, Halloween has proved to be a tremendous hit so far. Not only have critics and fans largely embraced the sequel, but, as of this writing, the movie has earned $230 million at the box office, working from a reported budget of just $10 million. That has all but assured a sequel is going to happen, with co-writer Danny McBride recently confirming that negotiations on that front are already underway. That means we maybe haven't seen the last of James Jude Courtney as Michael Myers. Be sure to check out the unmasked photo of Michael Myers, which was first shared by James Jude Courtney's Instagram.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott