Michael Myers is now back in theaters after a near-decade wait, making fans and critics both very happy. In addition to butchering the box office with ticket sales passing expectations by far, Halloween has been pulling in generally positive reviews. The film has certainly been met with some criticism, but the consensus with everyone seems to be that the ending itself was very satisfying. Now, with portions of the original script leaking on Twitter, fans can see how the ending was originally written, for better or for worse.

Before we proceed, know that we are going to be talking about the ending of Halloween, and thus, there are going to be major spoilers. Now, what happens in the theatrical release of the film is Michael Myers winds up trapped in Laurie Strode's secret cellar. The room is then filled with gas before being lit, putting the entire house in flames. Although injured, Laurie survives, escaping from the property in the back of a truck with her family. Michael presumably dies in the fire, although we aren't actually shown his corpse, which is likely to keep the door open to bring him back in a sequel.

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In the leaked script pages, the original ending paints a different picture for how the final showdown ends between Laurie and Michael. When Laurie runs out of ammunition, she confronts Michael with a knife, but the Shape is also brandishing a blade of his own. In their struggle, Michael manages to plunge his knife into Laurie's chest, twisting the blade before pulling it out. Moments later, Laurie's daughter uses a crossbow to shoot Michael in the chest with an arrow, causing him to wander off. An exhausted and possibly-dying Michael ends up collapsing outside next to the outdoor mannequins, while Laurie is placed in the back of the truck while bleeding profusely.

Reportedly, reshoots were done for Halloween after test audiences were unhappy with the way it ended. Perhaps the changes we see in the theatrical version came as a result of these complaints. Indeed, for a battle forty years in the making, it would feel rather disappointing for it to end with Laurie getting stabbed. The ending we see in the finished product firmly establishes Laurie Strode as the winner of the fight and rightfully so, while still keeping the door open for the two to meet again in the inevitable sequel.

Halloween pulled in over $90 million at the worldwide box office, breaking many records in the process. Directed by David Gordon Green, the sequel stars Jamie Lee Curtis reprising her role as Laurie Strode, with Judy Greer and Andi Matichak portraying her daughter and granddaughter. Will Patton, Virginia Gardner, Rhian Rees, and Jefferson Hall also star, with Nick Castle and James Jude Courtney sharing the pivotal role of Michael Myers. We can likely expect to see all of the surviving character return in a sequel, which is definitely bound to happen in the wake of all of the film's success. You can take a look at the leaked script pages from Twitter, below, courtesy of PDF Screenplays.