Halloween: A few years ago when Anchor Bay Entertainment released a Limited Edition of John Carpenter's horror classic Halloween, there was one feature that was conspicuously missing, a commentary track. When Criterion released Halloween years before on laserdisc, a feature length commentary with Carpenter, Jaime Lee Curtis and Debra Hill was included, but has never been available to consumers since.

With the new 25th Anniversary DVD release of Halloween, Anchor Bay Entertainment will be including this much desired feature by the fans of the series who missed out on the laserdisc phenomenon. On August 5th the latest incarnation of Halloween on DVD will be made available. Along with the commentary track mentioned above, the release will come in a two disc set including both the theatrical and TV versions of the film, a new 90-minute documentary, a still gallery, plenty of trailers as well as TV and radio spots. This is the version of Halloween I've been waiting for since I bought a DVD player years ago.

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As with most Anchor Bay releases, the fans should be pleased. Retail price is $29.95.