Last month, we reported that Dimension Films had yanked Halloween 3D from its release slate, leaving many to wonder if this horror sequel would ever get made.

Now, Platinum Dunes is in talks to produce the project, which will no longer be filmed or released in 3D.

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Platinum Dunes is currently seeking writers and a director for Halloween 3, which likely means that director Patrick Lussier and writer Todd Farmer, who have long been attached to the 3D project, are no longer involved. It has also been revealed that the return of Michael Myers will not employ found footage techniques, which were once rumored to be used for the Friday the 13th Part 2 sequel/remake coming from Platinum Dunes.

Michael Bay, Andrew Form, and Bradley Fuller will likely produce for Platinum Dunes, although, with no writer or director attached, it still isn't known when this languishing sequel will get off the ground.