The full Halloween III: Return of the Witch fan-made sequel is available to watch online right now. And it's scary. The short perfectly captures the spirit of the holiday and the film franchise named after it. Silver Shamrock is back, and this time, they may succeed at taking over the world.

This short was created by Brandon Tobatto. Over the years, Halloween III has gone from being the odd duck out in the franchise, for not including the iconic slasher Michael Myers, to being a revered standalone that many horror fans have deemed a masterpiece of the genre. We're unlikely to ever get a true 'sequel' to Halloween III, even if the timeline of the franchise is all over the place. So it took a true fan to delve in and further flesh out this particular mythology.

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Brandon Tobatto cast himself in the film, which is directly based on 1982's Season of the Witch. Joining him in the cast are Shanna Ammons, Stephen Hughey, and Brent Wolfram. The film continues the story elements as seen in the original, albeit 36 years later. In the original, Daniel Challis managed to save the world from a fiendish plot. Now, Silver Shamrock is back for revenge. Silver Shamrock has rebranded itself in 2018 as Shamrock Unlimited, with Connor Cochran carrying on the legacy of his late grandfather Conal Cochran. Here is the official synopsis for the short.

After finally coming to terms with the fact that his family's legacy has been forever tarnished by the events of Halloween 1982, Connor Cochran, grandson of Conal Cochran and heir to the 'Silver Shamrock' company, has decided to re-emerge from the shadows and rid the world of the stigma it has placed upon his family name. With this new 'Shamrock Unlimited' brand looming over the nation, will Connor Cochran right the wrongs of his grandfather... or FINISH what Conal Cochran started all those years ago?

Nearly four decades after the original, Silver Shamrock's initial plans are being carried out on an apocalyptic level. Now that Halloween has proven to be a huge hit at the box office, carrying on the legacy of Michael Myers and Laurie Strode, the strangest part of this cinematic universe also gets to return, though in a much smaller way.

Cracked recently floated the fan theory that Season of the Witch actually does tie into the rest of the franchise in a pretty neat way. What if Michael Myers is actually a cyborg produced at the Silver Shamrock company? Sound a bit goofy? Sure, but they make it work. While you contemplate that crazy notion, take a look as Shamrock Unlimited plot out the end of mankind in Return of the Witch, direct from Brandon Tobatto, which arrives just in time for the Halloween holiday.