The Halloween series has been getting a lot of love from NECA at this year's Toy Fair. Among multiple awesome reveals the company had in store for fans in the series comes the unveiling of action figures inspired by Halloween III: Season of the Witch. A new line of figures features three trick-or-treaters wearing the trademark Silver Shamrock masks from the movie. That means the skeleton, the witch, and the pumpkin are all here, wearing matching cloth costumes. Like other NECA figures, they come with their own accessories as well, with each kid carrying their own candy bags. A television set brandishing the Silver Shamrock pumpkin is also included.

Halloween III is infamous for having a plot completely unrelated to the first two movies. Taking place in another universe, the story focuses on an evil corporation's plans to murder millions of children in the United States using Halloween masks rigged with a deadly device. Three unique masks are offered by the company, who has orchestrated a massive marketing campaign to ensure children watch a television special while wearing the masks. Unfortunately, anyone wearing one will die a horrible death once exposed to the signals of the program. Dr. Dan Challis (Tom Atkins) infiltrates the company headquarters hoping to put an end to the dastardly plan, with the ending leaving it unclear whether the doctor was successful with this endeavor.

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While Dr. Challis would make for an excellent action figure as well, it feels appropriate for the first Halloween III figures to be of the trick or treaters shown in the movie. The unique look of each mask is iconic, which is why reproductions of the masks have been hot sellers for Trick or Treat Studios. Last year's Halloween movie from director David Gordon Green even paid tribute to the Silver Shamrock masks, by featuring three trick or treaters wearing them asking for candy in Haddonfield.

An Ultimate Michael Myers from Halloween II figure was also recently revealed, so fans of the boogeyman himself will also be satisfied. That figure comes with an interchangeable head to make it serve as a Ben Tramer action figure as well, along with many other neat accessories. A ¼ scale action figure of Michael Myers was also unveiled, featuring a beautifully detailed version of the character from the 2018 sequel. Needless to say, if you're a fan of the Halloween franchise, NECA is providing plenty of reveals to start getting excited for, even if you know it's going to put a dent in your wallet.

The release date for these guys is to be determined, but it's certainly fantastic to see that they're on the way. If you're one of those Halloween fans that already has all three officially-licensed Silver Shamrock masks from Trick or Treat Studios on display in your home, then these trick or treaters will pair up with it quite nicely. Not every Halloween fan loves the third movie, but for those that do, this 3-pack is a must-have set. This information comes to us from CinePhellas on Twitter.