Halloween 5:The Revenge of Michael Myers actor Don Shanks, the man under the mask in the 1989 sequel, has detailed a massacre filmed for the movie but never before seen. In a recent interview, Shanks recalls shooting footage of a scene featuring Michael totally decimating an entire SWAT team in incredibly brutal ways.

The footage was intended to be shown in snippets to coincide with the screams of the officers heard on the radio, but ultimately, none of the video was used. Because not a second of this footage has been seen by fans, all we know about it comes from the description by Don Shanks in his new interview.

"They took place at the hospital, the place where Danielle's character left from (he offered of the location in Orem, Utah which stood in for Haddonfield Children's Clinic). If you remember, the police get on the radio (in the film) and they say, 'He's here,' and the whole SWAT team (which is stationed) at the Myers house gets in their cars and they drive off, and there's one guy left up (in the house) with Danielle in the bedroom, and then there's one guy down below in a police car (on the street), and over the radio he hears people screaming. So that's where the (SWAT massacre) scene was to be - just before that.

There's one guy, and I mean they show it, when they're taking out one of the bodies, whose head is twisted around. They put the wardrobe on him backwards, and he looks like his head's been twisted one hundred and eighty degrees. And another, the direction was, 'Take an M16 rifle, and you're just walking through these guys and killing them.' There's Donre Samson, a big tall black guy that I kill, and another one, I put the M16 through his head, and another guy, I break his neck and stomp on him, you know. The whole idea was that you'd hear everybody screaming (over the radio) when he's killing everybody. So we did all these really quick shots. You know: 'Pick this guy up. Knock this guy down. Stab this guy."

This isn't the only long-lost footage from Halloween 5 fans would like to see. Shanks also recently detailed another scene to be axed from the movie, never to be seen by anyone uninvolved with the shoot. An alternate opening, the footage features Dr. Death resurrecting Michael Myers through the use of black magic, only for the Shape to brutally murder him in return. According to Shanks, Michael breaks Dr. Death's back before impaling him with a stalactite. Even if the scene sounds a bit bizarre, seeing such a vicious kill would certainly be satisfying for Halloween fans.

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Halloween 5 picks up a year after the events of Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers. This time, Michael returns to Haddonfield to end the last of his bloodline by killing his niece, Jamie Lloyd (Danielle Harris), who survived the previous movie. After another Halloween night massacre, Jamie and Dr. Loomis (Donald Pleasence) both make it to the end of the movie alive with Michael Myers placed in police custody. Unfortunately for the heroes, the sequel concludes with Michael murdering every officer in the station, leaving Jamie vulnerable as the credits begin to roll. Sadly, the character is killed off very early into the next movie.

The Halloween franchise has gone through multiple reboots since the fifth movie. 1998's Halloween H20 brought back Jamie Lee Curtis by tossing out every other movie in the series past the second installment, completely removing the Jamie Lloyd character. Rob Zombie infamously rebooted the series once again in 2007, remaking the original movie in his own brutal style. Yet another new timeline was established with last year's Halloween from director David Gordon Green, which ignores literally every other movie except for John Carpenter's 1978 original. A sequel is reportedly in the works after the movie totally obliterated the box office upon its release.

It was perhaps for the best the SWAT team massacre wasn't actually shown in Halloween 5. Sometimes, it's what you don't see that makes a bigger impact, and the radio screams certainly painted the picture well enough. Still, seeing the footage in the bonus features of a home video release would be awesome. Maybe we'll all be able to get a peek at all of this long-lost video from the movie some day. You can read the rest of Don Shanks' interview over at HalloweenMovies.com.

Jeremy Dick at Movieweb
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