Robert Longstreet has been cast as the grown-up Lonnie Elam in Halloween Kills. Blumhouse has been spared no time in getting the sequel prepared for production as the casting process continues. Lonnie Elam was originally played by Brent Le Page, and first appeared in John Carpenter's original Halloween as a school bully of Tommy Doyle. 2018's Halloween saw Lonnie's son Cameron, played by Dylan Arnold, enter the franchise, which has erased everything that came after the 1978 original. It is unclear how Longstreet's version of Lonnie will fit into the plot of the upcoming sequel.

Lonnie Elam isn't the only character returning from John Carpenter's 1978 slasher classic. It was announced a few weeks ago that Anthony Michael Hall will be portraying Tommy Doyle in Halloween Kills, a role that was originally played by Brian Andrews. Doyle showed up a few more times in the franchise, with Paul Rudd taking on the role in 1995's Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers. Some Halloween fans are angry over this casting decision and have started a petition to get Andrews on board to replace Hall. As of this writing, 399 people have signed the petition.

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1978 Halloween character Lindsey Wallace is also back for Halloween Kills. However, this casting is different because original actress Kyle Richards is coming back to reprise her role. She is perhaps better-known today as one of the main cast members on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Wallace was one of the children that Laurie Strode babysat in the original movie along with Tommy Doyle. It's unclear why Blumhouse has chosen to bring Richards back as Wallace, but not Brian Andrews as Doyle.

Jibrail Nantambu has also revealed that he will be reprising his role as Julian from 2018's Halloween. His character survived after Michael Myers murdered his babysitter and her boyfriend. Nantambu's role in the movie has been regarded as one of the best things about the sequel, so it's nice to hear that he survived and will be coming back with some more humorous dialogue. John Carpenter will be back to serve as executive producer on Halloween Kills and will provide a new score too. The horror icon says that the franchise will likely continue as long as there is still money to be made.

We'll get a look at Robert Longstreet when Halloween Kills hits theaters on October 16th, 2020 and Halloween Ends following on October 15th, 2021. While John Carpenter thinks that the franchise will more than likely move on at some point after 2021, it might not be with Blumhouse and David Gordon Green. For now, the studio seems intent to end everything with a proper trio of new movies and horror fans are wondering exactly what that will entail. Regardless, for the second installment, they're going with a lot of familiar characters from the original, who could be some fresh kills. We'll just have to wait and see. The Robert Longstreet casting news was first reported by Bloody Disgusting.

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