Halloween Kills is currently shooting in North Carolina and some of the first set photos have emerged that aren't from the cast and crew. But that's not all. It appears that these first set photos may tease a flashback to John Carpenter's original 1978 film.

The Halloween Kills crew was spotted hard at work in Wilmington, North Carolina with Michael Myers himself on set. Thing is, we see a very clean white mask in these photos that may point to a possible flashback sequence in the film. If proven to be true, Myers is going to be back to where he first started, which sounds pretty intriguing.

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While a clean white Michael Myers mask may seem like a flimsy thing to boost a theory from, the mask looks very different than it did in the last film. Did Myers just pick up a new mask after his last one got charred from the end of the last film? Possibly. But, how many of those masks could really truly exist 40 years after he picked up his original one? More signs that could point to a flashback sequence in Halloween Kills could also stem from the lot of characters returning from John Carpenter's original film like Tommy Doyle (played by Anthony Michael Hall), Lindsay Wallace (played by original actress Kyle Richards) and school bully Lonnie Elam (played by Robert Longstreet). Maybe it's Tommy Doyle and Lindsay Wallace recalling that fateful night? Time will tell.

For now, the Halloween Kills flashback scenes are all speculation. Production started a little over two weeks ago and we really don't have a whole lot of information about the movie at this time. Like most returning franchises these days, horror fans are divided on this new trilogy of Halloween movies. While the last movie was able to become a box office success, there are many horror fans who are not into the movie at all and do not appreciate David Gordon Green and Danny McBride ditching the lore of every single Halloween film in the franchise after the original Halloween.

Halloween Kills hits theaters on October 16th, 2020. Halloween Ends will open in theaters nearly a year earlier on October 15th, 2021. While many believe that the two sequels are shooting at the same time, that is not the case. The priority is on Halloween Kills at the moment and then the focus will shift. Regardless, it seems like David Gordon Green and Danny McBride know exactly what they want to do with the Halloween franchise and even John Carpenter is behind their vision, which is saying a lot.