Horror fans have just been given a serious Halloween treat. Jamie Lee Curtis, who is currently reprising her role as Laurie Strode in Halloween Kills, has just shared a brand new video showcasing the first footage from the upcoming sequel.

While not exactly a teaser trailer, it does showcase an initial look at what's to come when Michael Myers returns to the big screen again next year. Jamie Lee Curtis provided the following caption with the video.

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"'Tis the season..... to start screaming. First look at the mayhem David [Gordon Green] has created for all of you."

The teaser features some creepy music with kids chattering. Much of the footage takes place in the dead of night. We see shots of the crew setting up, as well as director David Gordon Green doing his thing behind the camera. We then get an intriguing shot of a man carrying a baseball bat, looking ready to go to work, presumably on a murderous psychopath in a white mask. There's a bloody hand clasping a knife, children swinging on a playground late at night and the money shot, as we see Michael Myers back for two more sequels. The video ends with Curtis on a hospital bed, blood everywhere, but a smile on her face as she looks at the camera and says, "Happy Halloween."

This serves as a sequel to last year's Halloween, which was the first entry in the iconic horror franchise in nearly a decade. The movie ignored every sequel in the franchise and instead served as a direct sequel to John Carpenter's 1978 influential horror classic. It allowed David Gordon Green, and co-writer Danny McBride, to do away with the messy mythology the series had built up over the years, in favor of something more simple and grounded. Back to basics.

That worked out exceedingly well, as the movie was received well by critics and audiences alike, on its way to $255 million at the global box office. Blumhouse Productions was eager to get the same team back together for the sequel, and that's precisely what they've done. John Carpenter returns as an executive producer, and will also provide the score once again. Aside from Jamie Lee Curtis, original Michael Myers actor Nick Castle is involved, as is James Jude Courtney, who portrayed the killer for most of the previous movie.

Other iconic characters from the franchise will be back this time around, including Kyle Richards as Lindsey Wallace, Tommy Doyle, portrayed by Anthony Michael Hall this time, and Robert Longstreet as bully Lonnie Elam. Halloween Kills, which arrives in theaters on October 16, 2020, is just one of a two-parter that will conclude this run of the franchise. Director David Gordon Green and the crew will return for Halloween Ends, which will shoot very shortly after this movie wraps and is set to arrive on October 15, 2021. We'll be sure to keep you posted as any further info on the sequels comes to light. Be sure to check out the video from Jamie Lee Curtis' Twitter account.