Halloween is finally in theaters and Netflix has just released Making a Murderer season 2. That gives people a lot of viewing to take care of this weekend. To honor the occasion, James Corden decided to have a little fun by giving us a mashup of the two on the latest episode of The Late Late Show with Making a Halloween Murderer. The amazing skit essentially turns Michael Myers into Steven Avery and the result is pretty amazing.

James Corden wears the mask himself and takes on the role of Michael Myers who, much like Steven Avery, is trying to prove his innocence. It plays on the tropes of both things brilliantly. Michael Myers is and always has been silent, so why not have him represented as a total blabbermouth here? The skit even managed to blend together John Carpenter's Halloween theme with the Making a Murderer theme song effortlessly. It feels like the popular true crime series yet has the heart of a Halloween mockumentary. This falls squarely in the 'we didn't know we needed it' category.

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Aside from Michael Myers trying to prove his innocence by quoting Mother Teresa, one of the best bits comes when the masked killer asks if the documentarians have talked to any of his "friends." Enter Jason Voorhees, who is billed as a "summer camp groundskeeper" He also later takes a phone call from someone named "Fred," which is another nice little touch. A few other familiar faces cameo later on in the best way possible. Sadly, Jamie Lee Curtis was a bit too busy to show up, but aside from that, it's hard to think of any way to improve upon this fun little crossover.

This serves as the intersection of two huge moments in pop culture. Halloween serves as a direct sequel to the original movie and picks up 40 years later, with Michael Myers and Laurie Strode meeting up for one last showdown. It's easily one of the most highly-anticipated movies of the fall season, if not the entire year. Making a Murderer wound up becoming a true pop culture phenomenon and helped contribute in a serious way to the boom in true crime stories we're seeing now, even if many feel the show framed things in such a way that it overlooks some damning evidence against Steven Avery. That could make watching season 2 even more interesting.

Both things are also set up to be huge successes. Halloween, which is directed by David Gordon Green, looks to easily top the box office this weekend, to a possibly record-setting degree, and has been embraced by the majority of critics thus far. Netflix famously doesn't reveal streaming numbers, but Making a Murderer season 2 will no doubt draw a lot of binge-watching this weekend. Be sure to check out Making a Halloween Murderer from The Late Late Show with James Corden YouTube channel for yourself below.