Horror legend John Carpenter is clearly a fan of his own work. It was revealed during the Halloween 2018 panel at San Diego Comic-Con that the director/writer/composer has the iconic Halloween theme, which he composed, as his ringtone. Director and co-writer David Gordon Green spoke at the Hall H panel along with star Jamie Lee Curtis. The two took questions from the audience and shared some never-before-seen footage that brought the house down, featuring Michael Myers killing people at random.

Halloween 2018 director David Gordon Green revealed that John Carpenter had a lot of creative input on the new movie while speaking to Hall H. Carpenter had joked in the past that he came on for the money, but it's clear that he still has a passion for the franchise that he created, even stepping up to compose the score for the new film. During one of the first creative meetings, Green says he learned about Carpenter's phone settings. He had this to say.

"In the middle of the meeting his phone went off and it was the theme from Halloween, and I almost lost it."

The Halloween theme is one of the most recognizable in cinematic history. Even if people have not seen the movie, they know the eerie theme and probably even know how to play it on the keyboard or the guitar. John Carpenter composed and performed the soundtrack of the original 1978 movie, using what is now considered to be vintage synthesizers. Throughout his career, Carpenter has used analog synths to create the sinister scores in his films, which proved to be highly influential to the 1980s horror sound. Even when you look at something like the cool Halloween Comic-Con poster, who can hear the music in the back of your head.

John Carpenter currently tours playing his soundtrack work and other material, focusing on the years 1974 - 1978. He can usually be seen playing around Halloween, so if you get a chance, make sure to check him out. In addition to the Halloween theme, Carpenter rerecorded some of his most well-known scores and released them on Anthology: Movie Themes 1974 - 1998, which came out last year via Sacred Bones records. Horror fans are excited to see what he has cooked up for the Halloween 2018 score, so hopefully we'll get some more details about that soon.

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During the Halloween 2018 Comic-Con footage, the theme started to play while Michael Myers was killing at random, which made fans very happy. From first-hand accounts of those in attendance, the scenes that were shown previewed David Gordon Green's love of the franchise, with the original theme, to the look of the old school gore that was present. While some fans were put off from the promotional material that has been released to date, it looks like the Comic-Con footage has gotten even some of the harshest critics excited for this fall to come. While we wait for some more footage from Halloween 2018 and some more music from John Carpenter, you check out the latest trailer below, provided by the Universal Pictures YouTube channel.

Kevin Burwick