A new clip from Halloween has been released, putting Jamie Lee Curtis' Laurie Strode in danger. Michael Myers is back in David Gordon Green's take on the iconic franchise, stalking Strode 40 years after the original film. The latest clip turns up the intensity as Myers ends up on Strode's front lawn, and then later on the porch, puttings his arms through the door to strangle her. The clip ends right as both arms crash through the door, but the sound remains and it doesn't sound like it's a warm and friendly reunion.

Jamie Lee Curtis appeared in the first two Halloween installments and then came back for H20 under the assumption that The Shape would be killed off for good. However, John Carpenter left the project and the producers later changed their minds about what killed off for good meant, which disappointed Curtis. She later stated that the installment was basically for money. Like any of the films in the franchise, H20 has its fans along with a long line of critics.

David Gordon Green's Halloween erases H20, and the previous installments, from the timeline and takes the direct sequel route to John Carpenter's 1978 original. This gave Green and co-writer Danny McBride a lot of creative freedom to make the follow up that they always wanted. FX and makeup artist Chris Nelson had the task of creating a new look for Michael Myers, which was partly inspired by the way that old Halloween masks deteriorate over time. Nelson decided to take that 40 years in between films into consideration to create something weathered, while also giving it a unique feel.

As for making a new version of the Michael Myers mask, Chris Nelson says that it was the biggest challenge of his long career. He studied the original Captain Kirk mask that was used in the first Halloween movie, and then collected other masks from that era to see how they looked 40 years later. In the end, Nelson admits that he is proud of his hard work and effort and reveals that he was very happy when James Jude Courtney first got into character as The Shape with his new mask. All bets were off when Nick Castle put on the mask for his cameo though. Nelson said, "I'm a huge nerd, so I just couldn't believe it. I almost cried. I think David and I did shed a tear."

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Halloween brings Laurie Strode and Michael Myers back to the big screen on October 19th. So far, the movie has been getting positive reviews from critics and lucky horror fans who have been able to see it. Additionally, early predictions say that it's going to be the best opening weekend for the Halloween franchise, which is a pretty big deal. While we wait a few more weeks, you can check out the new clip from Halloween below, thanks to Entertainment Weekly.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick