It turns out that the new Halloween almost included a reshot version of the original's ending. Director David Gordon Green decided to abandon all of the sequels in the long-running horror franchise in favor of crafting a direct sequel to John Carpenter's Original 1978 Halloween, that picks up 40 years later. Because of that, Green thought it would make sense to include the ending of the original, but from a different vantage point. Here's what Green had to say about it in a recent interview.

"Even in the script going into production, we were going to refilm the end of the original film from a different perspective. We had this very complicated overhead view of Loomis shooting the gun, Michael going over and then the apprehension, assuming everybody was going to need a little bit to get back up to speed with where we are and we haven't seen the movie in a long time or we've never seen the movie, had to invite everyone to the party and that kind of thing. We kept pushing it off...Jamie would've recreated, with a blend of Jamie and a body double similar to 19-year-old Jamie. We had all these ideas."
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To say the least, this sounds like it would have been incredibly ambitious. Not only would David Gordon Green have found a way to bring in a 19-year-old Laurie, but they were also going to include a younger version of Will Patton's new charter. Plus, they had a Donald Pleasence lookalike, who actually served as the movie's art director, set to play Dr. Loomis in this sequence. There were even discussions of possibly doing some sort of CGI recreation, like the Grand Moff Tarkin part in Rogue One.

"There was that conversation. There was conversation of utilizing footage from the original film and digitally altering it so we got some other interesting elements. All this stuff starts to cost money and when you look at what we're trying to do, do you need the gimmick? Do you need the exposition? Do you need the setup?"

It's understandable to think that certain modern audience members might need some sort of exposition to understand where we're at when the new Halloween gets going. But John Carpenter, who served as an executive producer and creative consultant on the upcoming sequel, thought better of it. According to Green, it was the horror legend who talked him out of this ambitious idea.

"This was Carpenter actually calming me down on set. I'm like, 'Nobody's going to know what's happening and where we're coming from.' He's like, 'Just trust 'em and leave 'em alone and let 'em figure it out.'"

It sounds like things ended up working out just fine, even if this would have been interesting to see. Halloween has been getting rave reviews so far after premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival. The highly-anticipated horror flick is also playing at Fantastic Fest later this week before arriving in theaters on October 19. This news was originally reported by Bloody Disgusting.

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