Halloween is just a few days away. Next weekend, Michael Myers will be set loose on a killing spree that will claim the lives of many unsuspecting Haddonfield residents. As we gear up for what is being called the best franchise installment since the original, we get a new international poster, and it's literally to die for.

This latest one-sheet for director David Gordon Green's true sequel to John Carpenter's 1978 horror classic comes from South Korea. And it's a lot more stabby than anything we've seen released in the states. We see Michael Myers' hand shadowed in ominous red tones as it thrusts down with that iconic kitchen knife, killing an unseen victim. Blood splatters the darkness, with quotes from Korean outlets becoming part of the spray.

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Blumhouse brings Michael Myers back to theaters everywhere this Friday, October 19. The studio is so proud of their achievement, they have been screening it for more than a month now, and most critics are in love with this ode to classic 70s slasher movies. There's no doubt that Michael Myers is going to make a killing at the box office later this week. And we're sure to see the franchise live on with more sequels in the future.

Halloween, which continues the story of Laurie Strode and the aftermath of that brutal night forty years ago, finds one woman trying to come to terms with the trauma she's had to endure almost her entire lifetime. Michael Myers has been locked away in an institution ever since he took his trusty kitchen knife on a killing spree through Haddonfield, methodically murdering a number of horny, beer swilling teens. Myers manages to escape custody after a couple of Brits come looking to make a podcast about his heinous deeds.

Myers is on the loose and coming straight for Strode. Laurie must now confront her greatest fears, as she has been preparing to face off with this masked madman for decades. The fight is on, as Laurie proves just how ready she is to get her revenge on the soulless slasher who changed her life forever.

While there have been plenty of sequels and remakes since 1978, three of which included Jamie Lee Curtis returning as Laurie, director David Gordon Green has decided to do away with all of those previous entries, turning them into legend rather than fact. Laurie is no longer Michael's little sister. And this movie represents what really transpired after Dr. Loomis shot Michael Myers out of that window so many years ago.

There have been plenty of posters for Halloween leading up to today, but none of them have shown off this type of brutal viscera, giving us a taste of the violence that awaits each and every ticket buyer. Right now, it sounds like Halloween is going to be the movie of the fall holiday season. Take a look at this wicked South Korean Halloween poster, then prepare for the scariest night of your life. This poster was found on IMP Awards.

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