David Gordon Green's Halloween brought John Carpenter back to the legendary franchise along with Jamie Lee Curtis, who is reprising her role as Laurie Strode. In addition, Green was able to bring back the original Michael Myers, aka "The Shape," actor Nick Castle to the fold. In a newly released set photo, Castle can be seen with a can of Dr. Pepper, recreating a classic moment from the set of the original 1978 film. Let's just hope that the actor/writer made more than $25 a day this time around.

During some downtime on the set of Halloween, Nick Castle recreated the iconic Michael Myers Dr. Pepper picture, holding a can of the soda to the mask's lips. The image has always been a popular one with horror fans over the years, so it's worth checking out Castle's faithful recreation of the classic photo. It appears that Dr. Pepper is the beverage of choice for the Halloween franchise, or at the very least, a favorite of Nick Castle's.

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Nick Castle only shot select sequences as Michael Myers in Halloween. Actor James Jude Courtney played "The Shape" for the action sequences and the majority of the movie. Upon completion of principal photography, Castle spoke about the similarities between the new film and the original, noting that David Gordon Green and Danny McBride wanted to attack the project how John Carpenter would have done it. In addition to talking about the neighborhood aspect of both movies, Castle also talked about the feel of Halloween 2018 compared to the original. He had this to say.

"There are a lot of things coinciding (in the new film) that feel like clever ways to introduce a kind of deja vu of the first one, without feeling like it's being copied. The script had some very clever people working on it."

The new set photo from Halloween follows the release of a new picture of Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode from the movie. In the latest picture of Strode, she can be seen prepping some weapons, awaiting the return of Michael Myers. The image is a bit different from what we would normally see for the character, as she looks more like Sarah Connor from Terminator 2: Judgement Day getting ready to fight the T-1000. Laurie Strode has been preparing for this moment for the last 40 years in Halloween, just like Michael Myers has, and they're both ready for what will be their final encounter.

Halloween is preparing to hit theaters on October 19th. Hardcore horror fans have been weary of the sequel, but the movie has a healthy buzz surrounding it now after more promotional material has been released. However, David Gordon Green and Blumhouse are waiting to see how the movie performs before talking about a possible sequel. While we wait for Halloween 2018 to hit theaters, you can check out the iconic Nick Castle image recreation below, thanks to the Horror Flicks Twitter account.