With the new Halloween film stalking its way into theaters this weekend, Michael Myers has finally come back home. One more time, the Shape will come face to face with his longtime nemesis Laurie Strode, played by a returning Jamie Lee Curtis. Ahead of the film's official premiere, a newly-released teaser video from the film gives viewers their best look yet at Michael Myers, since the character was unmasked in the original film four full decades ago. You can take a look at the video down below.

In the clip, two true crime podcasters (Rhian Rees and Jefferson Hall) confront Michael in the insane asylum where the boogeyman has been locked up for the past forty years. They attempt to garner some kind of reaction from Myers by dangling his trademark mask, pleading for him to just take a look at it. Keeping his back to the duo, Myers slightly turns his head, giving fans a little peek at the murderer's face before he soon enough wears the mask once again. There's oddly something really creepy about the scene, which serves as a great way to set up what happens next.

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With an amazing attention to detail, the unmasked Michael Myers is played by actor Tony Moran. While Nick Castle portrayed the masked version of Michael Myers in the original film, it was Moran who stepped in to play the Shape when he's unmasked by Laurie Strode. Even if we're not given as good of a look at Michael's face in the new movie as we were in the 1978 film, the fact that the same actor was cast shows just how faithful this sequel will be to John Carpenter's original. Castle is returning to play the role in a cameo appearance as well, sharing the role of the masked Michael Myers with James Jude Courtney.

In Halloween, Laurie Strode confronts Michael Myers one last time, intending to kill the boogeymen to keep her family safe. Having trained for the past forty years while anticipating his inevitable escape, Laurie is going to be ready for him this time. Joining returning star Jamie Lee Curtis in the cast are Judy Greer, Andi Matichak, Will Patton, and Virginia Gardner. Original director John Carpenter has also returned to the franchise to serve as an executive producer, also composing the score with son Cody Carpenter and Daniel Davies.

Directed by David Gordon Green using a script co-written by Green, Danny McBride, and Jeff Fradley, the new film is on track to make killer profits at the box office. Early predictions have the film making upwards of $50 million, which could generate the start of a new slasher film boom in Hollywood. A sequel is reportedly already in the works, so it looks like Michael Myers could be here to stay. The film officially premieres in theaters everywhere as of Oct. 19, 2018. You can watch the face-teasing preview video below. This information comes to us courtesy of ComicBook.com.

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