For horror fans, every day is Halloween during the month of October. This year, however, will be one for the books. We're just about 6 weeks shy from the premiere of Blumhouse's Halloween, slated to slash into US theaters on October 19th. It's being billed as a direct sequel to John Carpenter's original Halloween (released in 1978) and will see Laurie Strode (played by Jamie Lee Curtis) reunited with original Michael Myers actor Nick Castle for a battle royale 40 years in the making. Word on the street is that the footage released at Comic-Con last July will hit the Internet tomorrow in the form of a brutal new trailer. Today, producers are whetting our collective appetites with a new poster, one that brings Laurie Strode face-to-face with "The Shape"!

With Halloween hitting theaters in advance of Halloween, expect to see a lot of Strode and Myers in the weeks to come-not to mention a ton of press come mid-October. In addition to seeing the new Halloween, hardcore fans are celebrating the 40th Anniversary of 1978's Halloween. While it wasn't technically the first slasher, it certainly popularized the subgenre and led to its heydays in the 1980s. There's also an event uber-fans won't want to miss: First announced 2 months back, H40: 40 Years of Terror is a 3-day convention taking place at the Pasadena Convention Center between October 12th and October 14th. Our friends at Horror Hound (a sponsor) dropped a ton of details last month:

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"The initial guest list for H40 has officially been revealed. What can fans expect? How about a nice collection of classic actor and actresses, plus behind-the-scenes men and women who helped make the legacy that is known as the Halloween franchise. Hailing from the 1978 original Halloween, we can expect to find Nick Castle (Michael Myers himself), alongside stars PJ Soles, Charles Cyphers, John Michael Graham, and Will Sandin ... not to mention a first-time-convention guest: David Kyle (David played Judith's boyfriend in the opening moments of the film). Tommy Lee Wallace (who also played Michael in a key scene from the film) is also set to attend. Set photographer Kim Gottleib-Walker rounds out the initial guest reveals for the original Halloween. Moving on to Halloween II, we have such names as Dick Warlock (who played Myers in the film), in one of his final convention appearances. Moving on to Halloween III: Season of the Witch, along with director Tommy Lee Wallace, we have star (and fan fave) Tom Atkins."

The exciting list of events continues on, with even more fun.

"For Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers we have a few Myers actors of note - Tom Morga, Erik Preston (young Michael), and George P. Wilbur (who also played Michael in Halloween 6). For Halloween 5 we have Michael actor Don Shanks. A. Michael Lerner (another Michael) will be in attendance, for his role as the titular character in Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers. Next up is a pair of first time convention guests - Donna Keegan (who performed as Jamie Lee Curtis' stunt double in many films, including H20 and Halloween: Resurrection) as well as Gary J. Clayton, who played young Michael in Resurrection. Brad Loree is set to attend H40 (Brad played Michael Myers in Resurrection), while Rob Zombie's Myers himself, Tyler Mane and Daeg Faerch (young Michael) will be joined by a first-timer ... Chase Wright Vanek, who played young Michael in Zombie's Halloween II. Last, but certainly not least, is the NEW Michael, from the upcoming Blumhouse-produced Halloween - James Jude Courtney, making his convention debut!"

Check back tomorrow for the brutal new Halloween trailer and come back often for all your Halloween-related news. Big thanks to Jamie Lee Curtis who shared the poster this morning via Twitter.