A new, full-length trailer for Halloween 2018 was released today and it delivers the goods. This very much looks like the movie that horror fans have been waiting a very long time to see. The filmmakers decided to throw out all of the previous mythology and make this a direct sequel to the 1978 slasher classic. However, as we see in the new Blumhouse Halloween trailer, they're going to pay tribute to the movies that came before. Specifically, there's a very cool tribute to Halloween III: Season of the Witch.

As anyone who has seen Halloween III: Season of the Witch knows, masks play an important part in the movie and there are three kids in masks, dressed as a witch, a pumpkin and a skeleton, who are synonymous with the movie. At about the 1:55 mark in the new Halloween trailer, we see Jamie Lee Curtis' Laurie Strode yelling at a group of kids who are out trick or treating, telling them to go home because it isn't safe as Michael Myers has escaped. This group of children is wearing costumes extremely reminiscent of the witch, pumpkin and skeleton from Season of the Witch.

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This is a very cool and pretty interesting reference to include. If you're not familiar, Halloween III is the only movie in the franchise not to include Michael Myers in it. Instead, the movie features entirely new characters and it centers on a bizarre plot that involves microchips embedded in masks, little pieces of Stonehenge, ancient rituals and yes, witches. It's bizarre, no doubt, and the masks children are wearing are the key to the whole thing. So it's particularly interesting that director David Gordon Green decided to reference this movie specifically. Yet, as he teased in pervious interview, they do plan on including nods to previous sequels.

"Anyone who's a fan of any of these films will find nice little easter eggs acknowledging our salute to the filmmakers that have preceded us, in the stories and mythologies as they've unfolded."

Had Halloween III: Season of the Witch been more successful, who knows where the franchise would be right now. Following Halloween II, the idea was to ditch Michael Myers and to possibly turn the series into some sort of horror anthology that would allow for different ideas to be produced under the Halloween title. That didn't stick and Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers brought the masked killer back for good, even though the franchise has shifted course a few times since.

As for the new Halloween, the movie will debut at the Toronto International Film Festival this week before making its way to theaters on October 19. John Carpenter, though not directing, is on board as an executive producer and will be providing the movie's score. We'll have to see what other surprises Blumhouse has in store for us when the movie actually drops. For now, you can check out the shot in question for yourself below.

Halloween 2018 Season of the Witch Easter egg