David Gordon Green's Halloween is now less than a month away from hitting theaters and Blumhouse has released a clever new teaser that treats the events of the first film as true crime. The movie is attempting to take the franchise back to its roots, forgetting about any of the other installments except for the 1978 original, which was considered to be wise by some hardcore horror fans. With that being said, there's still a lot of fans who are very skeptical about accepting the new take on the franchise.

Taking the true crime approach with the first Halloween film is a really cool idea and probably should have been utilized in the promotional material since the start. However, as the movie's release date nears, a new twist on the traditional teaser is welcome. There's only so much of the film that can be shown off in trailers and TV spots anyway, which is why the latest true crime take on the first Halloween film before launching into a new trailer is so awesome.

As is the case with any movie, the early reviews for Halloween are in and they're mixed. Blumhouse is banking on it being a hit along with David Gordon Green and Danny McBride, who already have a sequel mapped out. The duo wanted to make two movies back-to-back, but later reassessed that initial plan to make one film and see how it does. However, the sequel will only happen if the movie does well at the box office when its released on October 19th, according to Jason Blum.

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Some of the Halloween early reviews criticize the movie for having too much fan service, which happens with just about any sequel or reboot of a popular franchise. While the critics aren't into the fan service, most of the fans are, and they appreciate the callbacks to the previous installments. However, there have been just as many good early reviews as bad ones, which leads one to believe that the fans who hate the movie and haven't even seen it yet, will more than likely hate it after they see it.

John Carpenter came on as an executive producer for the new Halloween and proudly declares that it's the best one since his original. In addition to lending a hand on the film, Carpenter also provided a new updated score, which was just released this week. The score update takes the simple iconic melody and creates more tension underneath by adding in some new elements, a feat that David Gordon Green tried to pull off with the movie as well. Green and Danny McBride were very careful while crafting their vision of Halloween, and the new teaser shows just how much care that they put into it. You can watch the latest Halloween teaser below, thanks to the Universal Pictures U.K. YouTube channel.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick