UPDATE: Universal Studios and Blumhouse have asked that certain information about recent test footage not be shared online, as it was never supposed to be made public.

David Gordon Green and Danny McBride's new Halloween movie is coming soon, and many Fans have been skeptical about the horror sequel since it was announced. Pictures from the set, as well as the inclusion of Jaime Lee Curtis and John Carpenter scoring the soundtrack, have gone a long way in fueling hope for the reboot. The movie has conducted test screenings, but due to legal reasons, those screenings aren't being discussed online.

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Many hope the new Halloween movie will bring the franchise back to its glory days, following a few sequels that have not been very good at all. There have been quite a few set photos shared since filming began earlier this year. The movie has wrapped, and the studio is already starting to test the film to eager audiences. It's hard to gauge how the movie will go over, as these test audiences are pulled off the street and don't generally account for those hardcore fans who know the franchise very well, and have been with it since the beginning.

The new Halloween is ditching what has been set up in all the sequels following the original 1978 movie. Some fear this will bring a lack of continuity to the story. Others hope it will breath some fresh air into the series, and take this Halloween back to its roots. While it's hard to judge exactly what test screening audiences really think of a movie, select scenes were chosen to show during CinemaCon. And that footage was greeted with a welcome response.

This new Halloween takes place 40 years after the original, and its characters have aged. Filmmaking techniques have changed. And it needs to be more modern in its approach. There have been some who've compared David Gordon Greene and Danny McBride's work to more recent Blumhouse movies, which makes total sense. And producer Jason Blum has praised early cuts of the movie, which is understandably aimed at modern horror fans.

While none of the sequels will connect to this new movie, Danny McBride has confirmed that there will be cool nods to Halloween 3, 4, and 6. How older films will play into the new narrative hasn't exactly been explained at this time. John Carpenter, who directed the original movie, is back as an executive producer, and he's confirmed to be doing new music for the thriller. Once that music gets added, there will be a distinct flavor to the film, that may be missing in whatever test screenings are currently being held, and will go a long way to change certain perceptions about the project as it now stands.

In terms of any reactionary pieces that may show up online, it's best to take that information with a few coat hangers to the eyeball until we all get a good look at the finished movie itself. Blumhouse is currently in preproduction on the movie, and working to release the best product it can this Halloween season. The project still has plenty of time to get into fighting shape before the official release date on October 19th. And we're liking what we've heard coming out of CinemaCon. So we can't wait to see Michael Myers back in action.