Earlier this week, a Q&A session with horror master John Carpenter started making the rounds, particularly a segment where he addressed Rob Zombie's 2007 Halloween remake. After a fan asked what he thought about the remake, John Carpenter said that Rob Zombie lied about him, stating in a documentary that John Carpenter was "cold" towards him, while the filmmaker claims that he was nothing but supportive. It seems this "feud" of sorts has come to an end, according to John Carpenter.

Last night, John Carpenter took to Twitter to release a brief statement about this feud, which he called "old news." Apparently, the entire matter has been forgiven, according to the filmmaker. Here's what John Carpenter had to say on Twitter last night.

"To everyone fascinated with the JC/RZ feud, old news. We spoke Sunday, we buried the hatchet. Let's move on."

In the New York Film Acdemy Q&A, John Carpenter said that Rob Zombie explained too much about Michael Myers, which took away the story's mystique. He added that this horror icon is supposed to be a "force of nature," but Rob Zombie's Michael Myers was "too big." This certainly isn't the first time that John Carpenter has revealed his outspoken views on various aspects of the industry, and it likely won't be the last.

The filmmaker most recently took a shot at AMC's The Walking Dead, hinting that it was merely a rip-off of George Romero's 1968 zombie classic Night of the Living Dead. He also took a shot at the iconic Friday the 13th franchise this summer, calling the entire franchise "cynical," and that it was made in response to the Halloween franchise that started just a few years before Friday the 13th.

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Rob Zombie's Halloween remake only earned $58.7 million domestically and $80.2 million worldwide, while isn't a massive gross, but it still paved the way for a sequel. Halloween II, which hit theaters in 2009, but only earned $33.3 million domestically and $39.4 million worldwide. Dimension Films, which had held the rights to the franchise, was planning on rebooting the franchise once again, but they eventually lost the rights. We reported earlier this year that Jason Blum's Blumhouse and John Carpenter himself are coming aboard to executive produce a new remake, with longtime franchise producer Malak Akkad returning as well. John Carpenter referred to this project as the "10th sequel" instead of a reboot, but we haven't heard any further details about this project. Take a look at John Carpenter's tweet below, where he puts this Halloween feud to an end.