We've been hearing about a Halloween reboot for a while now, but the creative team is firmly in place and he movie is supposed to arrive in time for Michael Myers' signature holiday next year. Now, Jason Blum, head of Blumhouse Productions, has promised that the new Halloween will be out by then or, as he put it, "you can kill me." Bold words, but ones that serve to encourage for those who may have had their doubts.

Jason Blum recently spoke with The Wrap during a tour of Universal Studios' Hollywood Horrors of Blumhouse attraction, which will be part of the park's upcoming Halloween Horror Nights. When asked whether or not the upcoming Halloween reboot is actually going to be released by Halloween of 2018, Blum was very blunt in his assurance and was willing to offer up his hand if it doesn't come to pass. Here's what he had to say about it.

"You can kill me. You can behead me. You can chop my hand off, the prince of horror, you can cut my hand off. That's on the record."

Bold words from the "Prince of Horror." Granted, that isn't a name he bestowed upon himself. He was once called the King of Horror, but since Jason Blum feels that title belongs to Stephen King, he settled on Prince of Horror. Given the reputation that Blumhouse has earned in recent years with movies like The Purge, Paranormal Activity and more recently, Get Out, it's a title he's earned. With the upcoming Halloween reboot, if he can really deliver on his promise, he will cement that title. Assuming the movie is as good as we all hope it can be, that is.

It's been quite some time since Michael Myers graced the screen. Especially in a good movie. So there is a lot of pressure on this Halloween reboot, which isn't technically a full-on reboot, to deliver. It has been said that this movie will largely ignore the mythology of the later Halloween sequels, but will not fully reboot the series. David Gordon Green (Pineapple Express) is set to direct the movie with Danny McBride (This is the End) set to co-write the script with him. They may seem like unconventional choices, but John Carpenter himself gave them their blessing and recently approved the script, so it sounds like the new Halloween is in good hands. The fact that Carpenter hopes to do the score for the movie should say quite a lot about his faith in it.

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This report also confirms the October 19, 2018, release date. We recently reported that the hope was to release the movie on Halloween of next year, but it looks like Blumhouse wants to get the jump on the holiday and milk some box office out of it. Considering the horror renaissance we're in right now, with movies like Get Out and IT delivering both critically and at the box office, this is the perfect time for the Halloween franchise to return. And it will return next year, or Jason Blum is willing to lose a hand and maybe even his life over it.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott