The new Halloween movie, which is being described as a direct sequel to John Carpenter's original 1978 classic, is not quite ready to go. According to a new report, production is being delayed until early in 2018. From the looks of things, this shouldn't stop it from tearing through movie screens this Halloween season, with its planned release date of October 2018 still in place.

Directed by David Gordon Green, who co-wrote the script with comedy mastermind Danny McBride, this Halloween revival was supposed to kick off this past October. Cameras should already be rolling, but that's not the cast. Multiple sources have confirmed this to be true with Bloody Disgusting.

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The movie is set to bring back Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode, the iconic hero of the first movie. She will be joined by Judy Greer, who is in talks to play Strode's daughter Karen. Apparently, there is still quite a few cast members that need to be found. And this is speculated as the cause for delay.

This casting delay is supported by a new casting call that went out in South Carolina via The Island Packet. The site confirms that shooting on the new Halloween movie is set for mid-January 2018. With such an early start, it's suspected that Michael Myers will still be making his big screen return on October 19, 2018.

It's expected that casting announcements will be revealed throughout the remainder of this year, heading into the start of production. It's never been clear if Danny McBride, who appeared in this year's disappointing sequel Alien: Covenant and wrapped up his run on HBO's Vice Principles just weeks ago, has given himself a character to play. But fans would love to see McBride face off against Myers.

If you live in the South Carolina area, you could be an extra in the movie. The production is also currently seeking real-life police officers, EMTs, nurses, CSI investigators and a coroner to lend their expertise to the horror project. The movie is being shot in Charleston, and applications are currently being accepted. All ages, from seniors to children, are needed.

John Carpenter, who created the mythos behind Michael Myers, has a heavy hand in this new production. He returns as an executive producer. And he has promised to deliver a new score for the soundtrack, utilizing some of the classic music he created for the first movie. The story is set to take place years after the events seen in the 1978 movie.

The plot will conveniently forget every single sequel that was ever made. And this movie is even changing what happened in the final moments of John Carpenter's Halloween. It is speculated that Lorie Strode will no longer be Myers' sister, an idea that wasn't introduced until the Rick Rosenthal directed Halloween 2. Bloody Disgusting have this as their synopsis.

"In Gordon Green's movie, Laurie Strode comes to her final confrontation with Michael Myers, the masked figure who has haunted her since she narrowly escaped his killing spree on Halloween night four decades ago."

Look for more details to drop soon. This should be one of Halloween 2018's biggest horror hits. And will likely revive the franchise for the better if all goes right. David Gordon Green is, after all, the man who managed to sneak Freddy Krueger into the indie drama Snow Angels without anyone noticing. So he still has a few cool tricks up his sleeve.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange