Halloween Resurrection: Someone in Hollywood thinks this franchise still has steam, even after Halloween: H20. Today the official site for Resurrection has opened. It has some very cool stuff actually and is well worth a visit. One of the highlights is the picture gallery that has a ton of shots from the upcoming film.

CLICK HERE and check it out!

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Movie Picture{5} Today we have a very nice treat for everybody. The hype machine is slowly but steadily building now for the Matrix sequels and the {6} has unleashed upon the world the very first teaser poster for {7}. It may not look like much online but try and get a peak in person for the full effect.

CLICK HERE to follow the white rabbit!

Anger Management: Currently filming in New York this Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson film has been getting alot of buzz lately. There have been several reports online from extras in the crowd at the recent Yankee stadium shoot. And today brings us a whole slew of still fro the movie. The whole set is of Sandler and Marisa Tomei. Stay tuned for lots more on this one!

CLICK HERE to see the duo in action!

Road to Perdition: This film has been getting some incredible buzz over the last few months. It seems Sam Mendes (American Beauty) has fashioned what sounds like an unforgettable movie. Aint it Cool's Moriarty has posted his review of the film and if what he says is true then this could be THE hit film of the summer. As a nice bonus there are a few excellent production stills along with the review. CLICK HERE

Reign of Fire: Almost out of no where this tale of wars against dragons has burst on to the collective radar of people around the world. And the hype machine keeps on pumping. Film Force has posted a nice gallery of shots from the film, opening July 12th. Starring Matthew McConaughey, the film tells the story of a brood of dragons that are bent on taking over the world.

If you like dragons CLICK HERE and enjoy the show!

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