We recently got word that Halloween 2 is definitely happening, with much of the same team that made last year's movie a success expected to return, including Jamie Lee Curtis. That alone is tantalizing enough for horror fans, who had to endure nearly a decade without seeing Michael Myers on screen. Now, we have a fancy new rumor that suggests things could potentially be getting a whole lot more exciting, and ambitious, as Blumhouse Productions may be looking to shoot two sequels back-to-back and release them very close to one another.

Before digging in, we must caution this should only be regarded as a rumor for the time being, as it has yet to be confirmed by the studio or anyone associated with the production. That having been said, a new report claiming to have info from an "extremely reliable insider" states that Blumhouse wants director David Gordon Green, who helmed 2018's Halloween, to shoot two sequels back-to-back. That's not all. This same insider claims the studio is considering releasing both of these alleged sequels in the same month.

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It had been previously reported that Halloween 2 was expected to be released on October 16, 2020. So how would this work? Would Halloween 3 then hit theaters the following week? Would they maybe wait until October 30, just ahead of 2020's actual Halloween, giving moviegoers a couple of weeks to watch the first of these new sequels before having to rush back out to theaters in order to see how everything wraps up? For now, we have precious few answers, but we could be seeing a whole lot more of Laurie Strode and Michael Myers, and perhaps a lot sooner than we expected.

As crazy as this may sound, there is some reason to believe it could be true. For one, David Gordon Green and Danny McBride, who co-wrote the screenplay for last year's Halloween, had actually conceived shooting two movies at once when they were making the first entry. So this is an idea that has been on the table before. Also, from a practical standpoint, it could be much easier, in terms of scheduling with the actors and talent, just to knock these both out. It's also worth pointing out that we initially heard Scott Teems (Firestarter) had been hired to pen a screenplay for the sequel. Then, more recently, it was reported that Green wrote one himself. Maybe they each tackled one of the alleged back-to-back entries?

Halloween, which served as a direct sequel to John Carpenter's original classic, grossed $255 million worldwide, working from a reported production budget of just $10 million. The sequel, which saw Jamie Lee Curtis return as Laurie Strode, was also received generally quite well by both critics and moviegoers alike. This could be a way to capitalize on that momentum. Story details are currently being kept under wraps, but Judy Greer and Andi Matichak and are expected to return as Laurie's daughter and granddaughter, respectively. We'll be sure to keep you posted as any further details are made available. This news was previously reported by Bloody Disgusting.