Back in May, Scout Taylor-Compton, who played Laurie Strode in Rob Zombie's 2007 Halloween reboot and the 2009 sequel Halloween II, revealed that she is gearing up for the Halloween 3D sequel. However, The Weinstein Company was said to be moving in a new direction, scrapping the original script by Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer. Today we have an update from Schmoes Know, who reveal that Halloween 3D is now being called Halloween: The Next Chapter, and it is being put together by producers Bob Weinstein and Malek Akkad.

Sources indicate that The Weinstein Company is dropping the 3D angle, starting fresh with new writers who haven't been identified at this time. Rob Zombie will likely not be returning to direct, although Halloween: The Next Chapter is said to follow the same continuity that he started with Halloween and Halloween II. This project will reportedly follow an approach similar to Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers, which started a new series of movies that followed Laurie Strode's daughter, played by Danielle Harris.

It isn't clear whether or not this new approach will include Scout Taylor-Compton as Laurie Strode, or who will be writing and directing this new chapter in the horror series. Tyler Mane played the iconic Michael Myers in both the reboot and its sequel, but it isn't clear if he will be back as well. The script will reportedly be turned in by the fall of 2015, so it seems we may have a long wait ahead of us before Mike is back on screen.

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