Any regular attendee of horror conventions already knows: If original unmasked Michael Myers actor Tony Moran is in attendance...You're gonna hear some wild stories. Those crazy tales recently resurfaced in a video compilation of Moran sharing some of his best (or worst, depending on your view of the matter) anecdotes about the classic 1978 slasher classic Halloween. He tells some tales out of school about what happened behind the scenes with John Carpenter and Jamie Lee Curtis that may surprise, shock and anger longtime fans.

He also goes after Chips star Erik Estrada and Happy Days favorite Scott Baio, while also going on a tirade of verbal assaults against Rob Zombie's Michael Myers, Tyler Mane. He also punches hard at William Shatner. But is anything Moran has to say the truth? Or is the actor just being braggadocious and purposely crude simply to get attention? You be the judge.

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For those who don't know, Tony Moran, the older brother of Erin Moran (Joanie on Happy Days), played Michael Myers in John Carpenter's original Halloween for a few fleeting seconds in the film, when Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis) rips off the mask of The Shape (played by Nick Castle in 98.99% of the film) to reveal her brother's true face. Those few seconds of screen time in the slasher which is hailed as a seminal classic, have provided Moran with vast opportunities worldwide to profit from the intense fandom that has surrounded Halloween for over 4 decades.

This new video popped up on Youtube earlier in the week, and it has left many Halloween fans shaking their heads. Moran is seen in the video at various conventions making some outrageous claims about the original Halloween production, including alleged misconduct from John Carpenter and Jamie Lee Curtis on and off set. He takes no issue attacking Michael Myers actor Tyler Mane from the Rob Zombie film, constantly calling him names that we can't print here. The Michael Myers actor even goes as far as to spoil certain aspects of Blumhouse's Halloween Kills, in which he has been privy to certain details. The video is wild stuff.

It's unclear whether Moran is being truthful here or if he's merely playing to the crowd, hamming it up for the camera, and making a spectacle of himself to lend credit to his place in the franchise's history. His actions clearly illicit more attention than just an actor at a convention table quietly signing photos for fans with the occasional nod and pleasant greeting. Walking away from a conversation with Tony Moran, you'll certainly remember it over anything else that happens at a horror con. But that might not necessarily be a good thing.

Throughout the video, Tony Moran bashes Halloween as an indie piece of garbage that he never thought anyone would ever watch. He blasts the hardcore fanbase, telling them they are all nothing but a bunch of nerds, right to their faces. He describes one autograph seeker with complete vitriol, bashing the fan as a complete loser. He does this in front of an audience who just paid to obtain the man's autograph. He clearly has a well rehearsed act much like a stand-up comedian.