Now that Dimension Films has lost the franchise rights to Halloween, delaying the planned sequel/reboot Halloween Returns indefinitely, what might be next for Michael Myers? As any good horror fan knows, you can't keep a diabolic slasher down for any long amount of time. And if a new rumor from Fangoria pans out, we'll be seeing the white masked icon on the small screen soon.

It is said that a potential Halloween TV show is in the early planning stages, but these reports are unconfirmed. Word is that this will be a limited event series, which have been quite popular recently, especially in terms of resurrected old TV series and movies, with The X-Files being the most recent example. The option is said to be between 3 and 5 seasons. This is a commitment akin to what Guillermo del Toro worked out for the small screen adaptation of his novel The Strain, which debuted in 2014.

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Bloody Disgusting speculates that this will not be an origin story. According to Fangoria, resurrecting Michael Myers on the big screen for new audiences has not gone according to plan, and in a last ditch effort, the new producers and rights holders have decided that a television series should be the new focal point in bringing back this longstanding horror series. The magazine explains the following.

"These developments are fairly new in nature, and Trancas International Pictures is still fielding offers from production entities regarding bringing Halloween to the big screen. However, as budget horror becomes a more and more of a rarity in Hollywood, Halloween's studio search might not have gone as smoothly as planned as Malek Akkad & Trancas still aim to keep up the franchise's costly, old-school production value; in other words, a micro-budget, day-and-date Halloween film might be off-the-table, which could give way to a Halloween series that could carry that cinematic production value."

Halloween isn't the only potential horror franchise making its way to TV. The CW is currently developing a Friday the 13th series for the small screen revolving around killer Jason Voorhees. And this past year, MTV resurrected Wes Craven's Scream as a TV Show with surprisingly great results. Horror is quite popular on TV right now, with The Walking Dead dominating the ratings. And it's possible that Halloween could go to a pay cable channel, like Starz' Ash Vs. Evil Dead, where it will be able to be just as violent and gory as any of the past movies, maybe even more so. Halloween is a big name, and it certainly has instant brand recognition.

As of right now, nothing is in place, and this story is far from being confirmed. It's still possible that the next proposed movie Halloween Returns could happen. However it shakes out, Michael Myers is one of the most popular horror icons on the market, so we can expect that he won't lay dormant for long. What do you think? Are you ready to see The Shape return on the small screen? Or is he just too big for that?