We haven't heard much on the Halo movie since it was reported to be put on hold last August and now a new story in Variety reveals the film still could happen. Here's what Franchise Development director Frank O'Connor had to say about the film possibilities:

"We're still interested in making an excellent Halo movie," O'Connor said. "We've created an awful lot of documentation and materials to support a feature film. We have a good idea of what kind of story we want to tell, but won't move on it until there's a great reason to do it. We're in no particular hurry."
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We also reported in April that O'Connor said the Halo movie would still happen, but it seems that no further progress has been made at this time. It was said that scripts by Alex Garland, Stuart Beattie, Josh Olson and D.B. Weiss were still being developed by Microsoft and considered as potential blueprints for a movie.

It was also said that Microsoft was, "intently watching" the television market for a possible Halo TV series as well. The latest video game in the lucrative franchise, "Halo Reach," will arrive in stores on September 14.

We'll be sure to keep you posted with any further details on a Halo movie or TV series as soon as we have more information.