The Broadway sensation Hamilton has transcended the stage to become a pop cultural phenomenon, with creator and star Lin-Manuel Miranda going from an award-winning playwright and performer to a household name, seemingly overnight. Hamilton has taken home boatloads of awards including 11 Tony Awards and the Pulitzer Prize, with Lin-Manuel Miranda currently filming Mary Poppins Returns for Disney, while also working on the music for Disney's The Little Mermaid reboot. As Hamilton begins its U.S. tour next month in San Francisco, some fans are wondering if there are plans for Hamilton to take over the big screen as well. Lin-Manuel Miranda himself recently teased that the movie will happen, some day.

Hamilton has all but consumed Lin-Manuel Miranda's life for the past few years, as he starred as the title character during the show's off-Broadway run in early 2015, before preparing for the show's leap to Broadway in the summer of 2015, starring as Alexander Hamilton from August 2015 to July 2016 before leaving the cast to pursue other opportunities, such as writing the music and several songs for Disney's hit Moana. During a lengthy conversation with The Hollywood Reporter, Lin-Manel Miranda was asked if there are plans in the works for a Hamilton movie. Here's what he had to say below.

"Yes! Who knows when? I don't think I'm done with that role, by any stretch. It's just a meal of a role. In other shows, maybe you have a part where you get to fall in love, maybe you have a part where you get to fight in a gun duel, maybe you get a part where you get to have an affair, maybe you get a part where you lose a loved one and get to explore all that. In Hamilton, you do all of that! You do everything you do in life in two hours and 45 minutes. You live your fullest life. So that never gets old."

The playwright/performer didn't give any specific timeline for when the movie will happen, but just a few months ago, he released the Hamilton Mixtape, featuring popular recording artists tackling performing Lin-Manuel Miranda's songs from the Broadway sensation. While it has already been on Broadway for a year and a half, it may certainly have a lengthy run on Broadway, given its instant popularity, so there will still be plenty of time for fans who want to see the Broadway musical on the stage to do so before the movie adaptation.

Lin-Manuel Miranda was also recently tapped to write 11 original songs for a new Sony Pictures Animation movie entitled Vivo, which is slated for release in 2020. There are also plans in the works to adapt Lin-Manuel Miranda's musical In the Heights, the playwright's musical that garnered critical acclaim before Hamilton. Lin-Manuel Miranda revealed in this interview that he recently read the first draft of the In the Heights script by Quiara Alegria Hudes, who co-wrote the original play's book with Lin-Manuel Miranda. It may be quite some time before Hamilton hits the big screen, but Lin-Manuel Miranda will certainly be plenty busy between now and then.