The story of the young Han Solo movie continues to unravel from behind-the-scenes. In case you only just now woke up from a brief coma, or haven't had internet for a few days, directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller were recently fired from directing the upcoming Star Wars movie, just three weeks before principal photography was set to wrap. Ron Howard has been hired to finish the movie, which will include several weeks of reshoots. Kathleen Kennedy and the directing duo were clashing for a long time and things eventually came to a head. Interestingly enough, it looks like Alden Ehrenreich, the man tasked with playing the iconic smuggler, was actually the first one to voice his concerns.

Fan site Star Wars News Net recently published a pretty lengthy, in-depth piece about the Han Solo movie drama. Much of it has been more or less confirmed by other sources, but there are some bits in the report that are significant. The Alden Ehrenreich bit easily being the most notable. Here's what SWNN had to say about it.

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"He started to worry that Lord & Miller's screwball comedy angle was starting to interfere with what the character of Han Solo is really about, even if this was a younger, more reckless take on the character than the one we met in that Cantina on Tatooine. One source described it as being oddly comparable to Jim Carrey's performance in Ace Ventura at times. Ehrenreich let his concerns be known to one of the producers, who then told Kennedy about it, which led to her decision to look over the existing footage."

Phil Lord and Chris Miller are accomplished directors, but nobody wants to hear that a Star Wars movie could in any way be compared to Ace Ventura. As the man who is going to be the face of the Han Solo movie, it is no wonder Alden Ehrenreich would voice his concerns. Fans are going to point right at him when it comes to whatever level of blame or praise is going to go around, so he has a lot to worry about here. SWNN does note that they can't 100 percent confirm every detail of this report, since it was assembled from multiple sources, but they have proved to be a very reliable source of information in the past. Once Kathleen Kennedy starting watching the footage assembled together, that is where things really started to get messy. Here is how SWNN explains the problems with the footage once it was put together into a rough cut.

"The reason people close to the project have described it positively was that they saw several isolated scenes. However, when an assembly cut actually started to come together, that was where the issues presented themselves in earnest, and this is where Kennedy and Kasdan, as well as the other people reporting to them, started to get deeply concerned. The Weekly Planet Podcast mentioned that there were concerns with performances and action setpieces, but from the sound of things it seems to be more along the lines that Lucasfilm really wants to get an edit that's more faithful to Kasdan's script. (Have I mentioned that they really, really like Ehrenreich's take on Han? Because they do!) There was something of a "zany" tone to more scenes than they would have liked, in part due to some of the improv, and I get the feeling that fans might take more of an issue with this than they would have if the film had been left unfixed."

After that, Kathleen Kennedy insisted that someone come in to supervise the reshoots on the Han Solo movie, and that was the straw that broke the camel's back. Ron Howard will certainly have his work cut out for him, especially since Lucasfilm insists that they are sticking with the May 25, 2018, release date. Filming is set to resume on July 10, but there will surely be more information coming out between now and then. Even if all of this info is only partially true, this situation is beyond messy and very irregular.