Han Solo's presence is all over The Last Jedi, from Easter egg messages on bombs to Luke entering the Millennium Falcon for the first time in 30 years, we can feel his energy lingering around the edges of the story. But what we never get to see is a proper send off for the fallen Rebel hero, after his son unmercifully killed him in the climax of The Force Awakens, leaving a big hole in the universe. A new novel is about to rectify that.

Disney and Lucasfilm are finally ready to release the book adaptation of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, more than a month after the movie's release in theaters. And it is coming packed with a lot of extra scenes not seen in the movie. Some of these moments were actually shot, and some are just for the book alone. One of the scenes includes Han Solo's funeral.

The Last Jedi is already the longest Star Wars movie in the canon. But we're sure there are a few fans who would have liked seeing Harrison Ford's Han Solo get a proper farewell from friends and co-works. But director Rian Johnson couldn't find time to squeeze it in, with the plot mostly revolving around Resistance ships struggling to out maneuver the First Order, while Rey is away learning about the Jedi on Ahch-To and Finn is busy trouncing across Canto Bight on the back of a Fathier.

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There isn't much time for the smaller things in The Last Jedi, and that's where this new book comes in handy. It allows the story to breath. Author Jason Fry doesn't necessarily slow down the momentum of the fast-paced on-screen action, but there is a deeper hole to fall into here, giving fans a real chance to understand these characters a little better. And Rian Johnson helped map out some of the extra scenes in question.

The most recent episode of The Star Wars Show has an expose on this book, and the video includes interviews with both Johnson and Fry as they discuss the book and why it's important to current Star Wars canon. It sounds like Han Solo's funeral may have actually been shot for the movie, but that's a little unclear. And no details about the ceremony have been disclosed yet. And it's also not clear who actually had this memorial service. Is it Leia on the Resistance ships? Or did Luke have a private ceremony for his friend on Ahch-To alongside Chewbacca and R2-D2?

The Star Wars Show does offer up the first deleted scene, which has been reported on before. It shows Luke's third lesson for Rey. He tricks her into thinking the Caretakers on Ahch-To have been attacked and that she must help. We get to see here bust through a Caretaker village with her lightsaber, and then confront Luke Skywalker, as she tells the old withered Jedi that she still believes in both him and his power.

There is also a scene shared between Rose and her sister Paige before the opening moments that see a lot of Rebel deaths at the hand of the First Order. It's hard to see how that scene would have played into the narrative without slowing things way down. Apparently, there is also plenty of unseen shenanigans from the Canto Bight casino scene, but a lot of fans hated this scene so completely, that it's good it was trimmed. Some have called for Canto Bight to be excised from the movie completely. The Last Jedi novel is coming to book stores and online retailers starting March 6. You can watch the full Star Wars Show in the embed here.

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