As we get closer and closer to the Super Bowl, one of the biggest questions swirling around the big game is whether or not Disney and LucasFilm will finally reveal the first trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story, and now it seems we have our answer. The Twitter account dubbed Star Wars Stuff has come across a listing on the 1iota website where fans can get free tickets to the ABC morning show Good Morning America, which reveals that the Monday, February 5 taping, the day after the Super Bowl, will feature the "Solo Exclusive Trailer." This was backed up by other reports that claimed there will be a brief teaser during the Super Bowl, with the full trailer debuting next week, and it seems that debut will be on Good Morning America.

While Disney nor LucasFilm have confirmed the trailer will in fact debut on GMA, it certainly falls in line with past Star Wars trailer release strategies. In the past, Disney-owned shows such as Jimmy Kimmel Live and Monday Night Football have been used to debut Star Wars trailers. What remains unclear is if new director Ron Howard, or any of the Han Solo cast members will be making appearances on the show to introduce the first ever footage. There is also no indication as to how long the Super Bowl trailer may be, but we'll find out for sure in just a few short days.

There was a report last month that claimed the trailer delay was due to reshoots, since they wanted to include one of the pivotal shots from the reshoots in the trailer. That isn't terribly surprising, especially considering that, after taking the reins from fired directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller, director Ron Howard reportedly reshot almost the entire film himself, scrapping nearly four months worth of material shot by the original directors. It seems clear that LucasFilm wants no trace of what the original directors shot in the finished film, and the trailer itself.

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There was even talk that there were more Solo reshoots just last month, which has lead to mounting speculation that Disney will eventually push the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story, from May 25, 2018 which marks the 41st Anniversary of the very first Star Wars movie, A New Hope, to a December date. The release of the first trailer would certainly be an opportune time to announce a release date change, but if it doesn't happen then, it most likely won't happen at all, giving the studio just under four months to finish post-production, which could be a tall order given that principal photography didn't wrap until October.

We reported last week that China has taken a bizarre approach to this movie, titling it Ranger Solo, removing all trace of Star Wars connections from the title itself. This was in response to Star Wars: The Last Jedi tanking at the Chinese box office, taking in just $42 million, down drastically from the $124.1 million that Star Wars: The Force Awakens earned in the Middle Kingdom, back in 2015. Take a look at the tweets from Star Wars Stuff Twitter, which reveals when the Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer will finally debut.

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