Early box office tracking is placing Solo: A Star Wars Story just below the first weekend of Rogue One. The movie hits theaters at the end of May and so far, the reactions have been pretty mixed in terms of what we've been presented with. However, things are looking up now that we've finally seen some footage for Solo, which was released last month. Some of the new promotional material has given hardcore Star Wars fans hope that Ron Howard has pulled a rabbit out of his hat.

According to Box Office Pro, Solo is set to take in $150 million opening weekend, which is just shy of the $155 million that Rogue One pulled in. The report goes on to predict that the movie will end with a final box office total of anywhere from $390 million to $475 million, which would put it below Rogue One's total of over $532 million. There are a lot of factors taken into account and the major one is that there's a lot of big movies coming out this summer, right around the time that Solo comes out.

Black Panther was only tracking to make a little over $130 million for its opening weekend, but it ended up nearly doubling that. However, Black Panther came out in February without any real competition, which allowed it to smash box office records and become one of the highest grossing movies of all time. That being said, Solo could come out and surprise everybody and dominate the box office just like Black Panther did during its opening.

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A lot of the speculation about the opening of Solo will be based on the full-length trailer when it's released. Star Wars fans are expecting to get a better look at Alden Ehrenreich's young Han Solo in action before any concrete decisions are made about the movie. Rumors of acting coaches and fired directors have not sat well in the public eye and many fans are still very skeptical about how good Solo could possibly be. It should be noted that Lucasfilm and Disney are not going to settle for second best when they're making their movies, Ron Howard was chosen for a reason and he's expected to deliver in a big way.

The new trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story is expected to drop around the time of the release of Infinity War, which is the end of April, so we don't have to wait too much longer to see more of Alden Ehrenreich in action. Fans already approve of Donald Glover's Lando and we've barely even seen him speak and fans want to see more of Woody Harrelson. There's still plenty of time for more predictions, but at this time, it looks like Solo will land in the ballpark of Rogue One when all of the dust finally settles. You can check out the original report over at Box Office Pro.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick