Even though interest was low leading into December, The Last Jedi is finally out of the way and now everyone wants to talk about the Han Solo movie. The standalone Star Wars adventure is less than six months away from release. Disney and Lucasfilm still don't want to show us anything yet. So we've had to rely on a couple of leaks to get our first look. A poster surfaced on social media that looked too good to be fake. Disney denied it was from them, but now we know otherwise. That same art showed up on leaked LEGO sets that will hit stores this summer. While we learned quite a bit about the movie from those sets, a better look gives us previously unknown character names and confirms some of the new planets.

While Disney isn't ready to give fans any substantial info on the Han Solo move yet, we just learned some pretty key details. First up, we finally have the full name of Woody Harrelson's character. The actor revealed last year that he is playing a character named Beckett. His official full name is Tobias Beckett. He will serve as a mentor to Han Solo. And has a hand in shaping the young smuggler. In what isn't really a twist at all, since it's been in the past few new Star Wars movies, it appears that Han Solo and Tobias Beckett will also disguise themselves as members of the Imperial senate. Spoiler alert: They will steal an Imperial TIE fighter.

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At least that's what we gather from these LEGO sets. Tobias and Han mini-figs are included with the new Solo TIE fighter set, appearing in what the description calls an 'Imperial' disguise. We've seen Han and Luke disguised as Stormtroopers in A New Hope, Jyn and Cassian go undercover in Rogue One, with Finn and Rose the most recent to infiltrate the First Order in their fresh pressed Imperial uniforms in The Last Jedi. Han stealing a TIE fighter could make for a very interesting action sequence. Though, it might start to feel overly familiar at this point.

Also included in this same set is a new Stormtrooper called the Mimban Trooper. Mimban is a planet that has been previously mentioned in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, but it has never made an appearance in a live-action movie before.

The next big reveal comes with Emilia Clarke's character. We got our first look at her on the official, unofficial artwork. Now we know that her name is Qi'Ra. Previous to this reveal, rumors kept calling the character Kira or Kura. Now we know the proper spelling. She is included with the Han Solo Landspeeder LEGO set, which also comes with Han in his signature vest. Perhaps the coolest reveal here is the Corellian hound, a white dog like creature that is native to the planet of Corellia. So we'll definitely be seeing Han's home planet in Solo, a first for the live-action movies.

Another LEGO set from the Corellia portion of the movie is a second landspeeder. It also comes with two Corellian hounds. We also get our first look at new characters Moloch and Rebolt, who are not necessarily good guys. They appear to be pursuing Solo across Corellia. Stuntman Harley Durst is playing Rebolt. Ian Kennedy, who perhaps is best known as the bully in Sing Street is playing Rebolt. It appears that we're going to be treated to a fun speeder chase.

As mentioned before, there is also a new Millennium Falcon LEGO set, which shows the Falcon in its original factory floor paint job, with its front cargo loader filled with precious cargo. The mini-figs included here are Thandie Newton's new character Quay Tolsite. Details on this character are still quite foggy. Then there is the female droid DD-BD, which sounds like the noise Buck Rodger's robot Twiki used to make back in the early 80s. Is it a nod? Phoebe Waller-Bridge is playing this new droid via motion capture. There is another Qi'Ra variant in this set, as well as a red red Kessel Operations Droid. And it wouldn't be a gigantic Millennium Falcon playlet without the inclusion of Han, Lando and Chewbacca. With Qi'Ra included in two of the four new sets, it appears that Emilia Clarke is quite important to the storyline. It's unclear if she is a love interest. Perhaps the first trailer will finally shed some light on all this, if it ever actually arrives. These LEGO leaks first appeared on Reddit.