Some brand new international posters for Solo: A Star Wars Story have arrived online, and they look quite a bit different than the ones that were released previously. While it's quite common for international posters to look different, it's likely that Disney and Lucasfilm redesigned these as a result of accusations that they ripped off the previous poster designs. In any case, the new posters are here and serve as further reminder that we have a new Star Wars movie arriving in theaters in just over two months.

These new Star Wars posters don't quite have the same space western vibe that the previous set of Solo one-sheets did, but they also don't look like any French album covers. So at least they don't look like the posters that they were accused of ripping off. French artist Hachim Bahous accused Disney of using designs for album art he worked on back in 2015 and the resemblance to the previous set of posters was uncanny. The last thing this movie needs is any more possible controversy or negative press. So at least they've moved away from that design for smart, legal reasons.

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Beyond that, these posters are a bit more colorful. Alden Ehrenreich's Han Solo, Donald Glover's Lando Calrissian, Emilia Clarke's Qi'ra and Chewbacca have all been given flashy solo posters, with a Solo: A Star Wars Story group poster making its way online as well. They're flashy, but not quite as cool as the first set of posters. Perhaps the original set of posters will become a collector's item of sorts down the road. Similar to the original Revenge of the Jedi posters, but to a lesser degree.

Poster controversy aside, the Han Solo movie is set to arrive in theaters on May 25. So far, we've seen a handful of posters and a single teaser trailer. At this point, that's considerably minimal for your average Star Wars movie. Disney also has to worry about marketing Avengers: Infinity War first, so that could be part of it. But there's also the possibility that the movie just simply isn't that good and they're just not going to spend the usual amount of insane money to market Solo: A Star Wars Story. Then again, who knows? The footage we've seen looks good. Maybe this will sneak up on us and be pleasantly surprising. We should be getting a full-length trailer in the lead up to the release. So be sure to keep your eyes peeled for that.

Ron Howard took over as director once Phil Lord and Chris Miller (The LEGO Movie) were fired by Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy. Were Howard's years of experience enough to save this movie? Can Alden Ehrenreich convince us he's really Han Solo? Will another artist claim that these posters were ripped off as well? So many questions, precious few answers. For now. Be sure to check out the new Solo: A Star Wars Story posters, courtesy of the Star Wars Stuff Twitter account, for yourself below.

Solo A Star Wars Story International Poster #1

Solo A Star Wars Story International Poster #2

Han Solo Poster #1

Han Solo Poster #2

Chewbacca Poster #1

Chewbacca Poster #2

Lando Poster #1

Lando Poster #2

QiRaPoster #1

QiRa Poster #2

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