There is sufficient evidence provided by director Ron Howard that one, if not all, of Chewbacca's immediate family will be showing up in Solo: A Star Wars Story. Thus, making the Star Wars Holiday Special a thing of canon. So, one ingenious fan went and gave Lumpy his own Solo-inspired fan poster.

This has been a week filled with Solo reveals. And among them have been a colorful set of character posters depicting the main four, Han, Chewie, Lando, and new female character Qi'Ra. These one-sheets offer the character name, with said person embedded inside, set against one of the four new landscapes we'll see in this standalone spin-off. Now, it has provided an irresistible template for fans to create their own posters. And Lumpy definitely gets an award for best in show.

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Yeah, Lumpy is show stock, alright. If you're not aware, George Lucas granted some fly by night production outfit the rights to create a Christmas Special that premiered shortly after the first movie way back in 1978. And you think fans were angry about The Last Jedi? Lucas tried to have this thing buried, but it eventually popped back up on Youtube and lives in infamy. The special is made up of about 80% wookie growls and grunts without any subtitles. And it introduces Chewbacca's wife, kid, and father-in-law, the latter of which likes to watch virtual reality soft-core adult videos as he wastes away the day waiting for Chewie to return home for the holidays from his adventures with Han.

During the long and winding Solo reshoots, Ron Howard shared an images that looked like he is bringing back Chewbacca's wife Malla. As it shows two wookies in an embrace. Chewbacca's son Lumpy, full name Lumpawaroo, sometimes called Waroo, was brought back in the book Aftermath: Empire's End. So he's already part of the official Star Wars canon. Will he show up in Solo: A Star Wars Story? We're not putting it past Lucasfilm at this point.

The fun with fan posters didn't stop at Lumpy, though. Some have imagined that Ben Solo will get his own standalone adventure, showing a young Kylo Ren. It is affectionately titled Swolo, and gives us a glimpse at Adam Driver's bare torso, from the classic ForceTime scene with Rey in Last Jedi.

Other Han Solo hopefuls also get their own posters, but they're a little less inspired and a whole lot more predictable. Everyone believes that Boba Fett and Jabba the Hutt will show up in Solo. So why not give them their own posters? Fans also believe that if Solo travels back to Tatooine, we'll get a glimpse at Lars, Luke's Uncle, though that makes little to no sense. Unless he's just hanging out at the cantina while Luke is being an obnoxious toddler back home. Only, the poster shows his charred remains, which won't happen for another couple of years in the Solo timeline.

Jar Jar Binks gets his own poster, though we're pretty sure he won't be making a drop by. That inspired posters for the Ewoks and the Porgs. You can check out the full line-up of fan-made Solo inspired posters here. You know you want to see Lumpy return as witnessed on Twitter. Even if it's just for a quick couple of seconds. Lets keep our fingers crossed that Ron Howard made that happen.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick