Ron Howard recently shared another photo from the set of the Han Solo movie that featured Chewbacca watching some playback monitors. When examined a little closer, one can clearly see two Wookies in an embrace leading many to speculate that there could very well be some Wookie love for Chewie in the upcoming movie. Since the still untitled Han Solo movie is an origin story of Han Solo, it would make perfect sense to get some backstory on his partner Chewie as well, but just how much of his story are we going to see?

Earlier this year it was announced that Chewbacca's son Lumpy was now a part of the official Star Wars canon due to his inclusion in the book Aftermath: Empire's End. The novel written by Chuck Wendig sets up what happened in the years between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens, which in turn provides interludes of events happening in other galaxies. One particular interlude is set on Kashyyyk following a young Wookie named Waroo who is trying to wipe out all remaining traces of the Empire by freeing child slaves from a labor camp. Waroo gets into some hot water and then his dad, Chewbacca comes to his aid. Waroo's full name is Lumpawaroo, aka, Lumpy.

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So what exactly are we looking at in the picture from Ron Howard's Twitter account and why are we looking at it in the first place? It is possible that the picture shows Chewie saying goodbye to Waroo on Kashyyyk, but that wouldn't make much sense since it is presumed that Waroo would be a child during the events before A New Hope. It could be his wife Mallatobuck, aka Malla or even possibly his father Attichitcuk (Itchy), which would in turn officially make Chewbacca's family part of the official Star Wars canon. But why would Ron Howard share this photo from the set? His previous posts from the set included his shoes, him taking out the trash, and a Star Wars coffee mug, to name a few.

It would be pretty easy to assume that this footage was taken under the leadership of Phil Lord and Chris Miller and Howard is trying to gauge fan reaction to add the Wookie family, previously best known for the so-bad-it's-good Star Wars Holiday Special from 1979 into the young Han Solo movie. It's not too far of a stretch considering that Lord and Miller were making young Han Solo out to be an Ace Ventura-like smart ass that they would drag Waroo, Malla, and Itchy into the equation. And it's quite possible that Ron Howard was figuring out if he needed to include the footage at all by looking at fan reaction to the addition of the Wookie family into the already polarizing upcoming spin-off.

We have quite a wait before we find out the truth about the inclusion of the Wookie embrace, but it would be safe to assume that we're looking at seeing Malla in the picture. Since Waroo and Malla are there they might as well drag in the grumpy Itchy as well, it would only be fair. Or maybe Ron Howard will drop the entire silly idea all together or it could get even deeper and explain the controversial marriage between Han Solo and a Wookie back on Kashyyyk. Regardless, it's going to be interesting to see how much of a role that the Wookies play in the untitled Han Solo movie. Examine the picture closer yourself below.