Now that the dust is settling around The Last Jedi, excitement is starting to build for the Han Solo movie. New LEGO toys for the upcoming spinoff have revealed more information than we have seen to date, with sets for the Han Solo Landspeeder and Moloch Landspeeder showing us a new creature that may give the Porgs a run for their money. The Landspeeders both contain the mysterious Corellian Hounds, which have not been discussed in the official Star Wars cinematic canon yet. Not much information is available about them from the Legends canon, but they look pretty cool and can mow down on a bunch of Porgs really quickly.

According to Wookipedia, the Corellian Hounds are natives to Corellia, Han Solo's home planet. The Corellian Hound, also known as the razor hound, was a canine creature with sharp teeth and a spine-covered body, leading one to think of the Vulptices (Crystal Foxes) from The Last Jedi. Wookipedia reports that they were sometimes domesticated as pets and appeared to be quite intelligent. They were also reportedly deadly creatures, attacking anything smaller than themselves, which means they could eat up some Porgs.

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It's beginning to look like the Corellian Hounds could be part of a storyline that involves the spice mines of Kessel, but nothing has been officially confirmed at this time. The LEGO Kessel Run Millennium Falcon reveals that the oft told Kessel Run story will be featured in the movie, letting Star Wars fans finally see what all of the fuss is about. The Millennium Falcon has the original blue and white paint job and looks much more sleek than the bucket of bolts that we all have grown to know and love. Instead of two prongs up front, the center is filled in, giving it a much more streamlined look instead of looking like something is broken or missing.

In other Han Solo movie news, Donald Glover, who plays Lando Calrissian, has recently stated that Ron Howard did not go in and completely overhaul everything that Chris Miller and Phil Lord had already shot. After Howard stepped in when Lord and Miller parted with the project, Glover said he did not reshoot much of what he had already filmed. Ron Howard was also supportive of Glover's take on Lando and the actor revealed that it was comforting to get another opinion on his portrayal of the legendary Star Wars character.

Solo: A Star Wars Story hits theaters on May 25th, 2018 and the wait is almost over. Star Wars fans have been skeptical of the spin-off movie, but it seems that the tides are starting to turn as the release date nears. While not much information is available about the Corellian Hounds, it looks like they might be pretty mean by the looks of their fangs in the LEGO set, we'll have just have to wait and see if they end up as friend or foe in the movie. You can check out an image of the Corellian Hounds below, courtesy of Kattman4's Imgur.