New pictures from the set of Han Solo: A Star Wars Story have arrived and they are a blast from the past. One week ago, some concept art for the upcoming, highly anticipated Han Solo movie leaked online via an eBay auction. The leaked concept art gave us a tiny glimpse of what to expect with the spin-off. And they did not disappoint, showing what a possible costume for Alden Ehrenreich could look like, as well as designs for various ships and tiny pieces of the hull of an At-At Walker under construction. Now we have these leaked photographs from the set that further show off what fans can expect next summer.

The photos come courtesy of TMZ and they show off Ehrenreich looking very Han Soloish with what appears to be a wound of some type around his left eye. Ehrenrich's often reported on hair looks like an exaggerated young Harrison Ford, but that's really where the resemblance ends for these new pictures. But Ehrenreich is not really the focus of these new set pictures. And no, the focus is not on Chewbacca or Lando unfortunately.

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There are POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD, so read or look on with caution if you're worried about that type of thing. There are some pictures of unknown characters that appear to be in clothing akin to A New Hope and the rest of the pictures are all about the land vehicles, not the ships that were shown off in last week's leaked concept art. One vehicle in particular looks vaguely like the Batmobile hotrod from the original television show in the 1960s with twin engines in the back. It is not known who will take over duties of driving said vehicle. Another shot shows a tractor-like vehicle with blasters on it, while the other vehicle shown is a bulky looking land speeder. All of the vehicles shown are cars or have wheels of some kind, but we imagine that the wheels will be taken out digitally in post-production.

One theme that unites all of the pictures of the various vehicles is the past. They look old, like they could even be a nod to Star Wars creator George Lucas' 1973 movie American Graffiti. Which if true, could be a pretty cool tip of the hat to Lucas and a way of keeping the original design ideas in mind. It looks like a lot of care and effort went into these new designs to stay true to the original look of Star Wars, much like the vehicles and ships designed for Rogue One.

Disney and Lucasfilm have obviously been going through the old ILM sketchbooks and looking at the old models to try and stay true to the Star Wars franchise. The new Han Solo set pictures are definitely proving to show a throwback, but modern spin on things, which should be exciting for most fans. Some fans will see these photos and love them and some are going to hate them. Star Wars fans, much like fans of anything are a tough crowd to please. Check out the leaked set photos below.