Director Ron Howard has been on the set of the upcoming Han Solo movie for just a few weeks now, and he's been having a lot of fun at the fans' expense. He can't help but troll naysayers with short films about trash and photos of duct tape. But now, as he starts to settle in, he's giving substantially more revealing sneak peeks from behind the scenes. First, there was that infamous shot of a coffee mug from the editing room, confirming that Lucasfilm does have its own brand of Stormtrooper coffee. Now comes a look at some costumes. And, well, they are quite colorful.

We're not sure who these costumes belong too, but we doubt they were fitted to leading man Alden Ehrenreich's body. They certainly stand out, as they are a bit more colorful than anything we've seen in the Star Wars canon up to this point. Which could be a good or bad thing. We have no idea at this point. These costumes do offer a lighter vibe. Dare we say fun. But fun is what got fired directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller in trouble in the first place, right? These might not even be Han Solo costumes for all we know, as they look like spandex body glove bike uniforms for a sunny day at the beach. About the costumes, Ron Howard says this.

"can you guess whose closet this is? #UntitledHanSoloMovie"

Heck, that could Ron Howard's own closet, after his wife bought him some light, breezy wind breakers for the summer months. Han Solo is currently in a state of flux at the moment, as the director and his team assemble a rough cut of existing footage to see what needs to be shot, reshot, and worked on to improve the overall quality of this space adventure, which was edging towards sci-fi farce.

These are clearly jackets. And judging from the recently leaked photos of Woody Harrelson's Beckett standing alongside Chewbacca and Han Solo, they fit the tone of the movie, which so far looks like a Technicolor version of The Empire Strikes Back. It certainly has a Guardians of the Galaxy vibe, only helped along by the fact that someone spotted a taxidermy-style Ewok in a glass case that was definitely part of the set design. Was this an Easter egg put in place by Phil Miller and Chris Lord that will be exiled? We're not sure. But Ron Howard doesn't seem like the type of guy to throw an Ewok in a glass cases as a blink and miss it joke. But god, with this movie, which has been described as Ace Ventura meets Ice Pirates, who knows?

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Rogue One went for a lot of dark colors and earth tones when it came to its costumes, the end of the movie set against the back drop of a beautiful tropical location. From the looks of it, Han Solo is going in the opposite direction. Bright colorful uniforms set against a bleak industrial planet, and a sandy landscape ala Tatooine, Jeddah and Jakku. While a full plot breakdown has never been released, the movie's synopsis reads as such.

"Han Solo and Chewbacca's adventures before joining the Rebellion, including their early encounters with Lando Calrissian."

Perhaps this is Donald Glover's closet, and these are Lando's lycra jackets? We'll have to wait until more is revealed by Disney and Lucasfilm. But from the sounds of it, that definitely won't be at this weekend's D23 convention, unless a big surprise is in store. And you can forget about Comic-Con, as Lucasfilm is doing a flyby of San Diego completely. Here are the latest Ron Howard Tweets as we await the May 25 Release date.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange