Ron Howard has promised that the full-length Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer is on the way and now we have a look at some new characters from the forthcoming movie, thanks to a Denny's restaurant commercial. Denny's and Lucasfilm put together a presentation in Los Angeles today, showing off the new Solo-themed menu along with a new commercial and merchandise that features some alien creatures who look pretty cool. Additionally, there's also some Easter Eggs for hardcore Star Wars fans to hunt for.

The new Solo Denny's commercial takes place in a shady looking bar with an intense game of sabacc going on between some aliens and two young children playing Han Solo and Lando. Moloch, Therm Boisserpunch, and Argus "Six Eyes" Panox are the new creatures who are featured in the commercial as well as the new trading cards. The trading cards will cost $3 and will have all proceeds going to benefit the charity No Kid Hungry. There's also a new Solo-themed menu that will officially hit participating Denny's restaurants starting tomorrow.

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Most of the characters featured in the new Solo Denny's commercial have been shown off in the previous teaser trailers, but Moloch, Therm Boisserpunch, and Argus "Six Eyes" Panox are the new comers to us. It seems that these characters will probably be in the background and will not have prominent parts in the movie. However, they are featured on the Star Wars trading cards, which are made by Topps. The Mimban Stormtrooper is also featured in the trading cards as well, which is also positive for hardcore Star Wars fans. Mimban is a swamp planet that was first mentioned in the Clone Wars animated series as well as the 1978 novel, Splinter of the Mind's Eye.

Eagle-eyed Star Wars fans who watch the new Solo: A Star Wars Story Denny's commercial will notice some other features that harken back to some official canon. A close up on the table where the card game is taking place has some interesting coins that may look familiar to those who know about the Mandalorians. The coins each have the skull and tusk design on them, which is pretty cool callback that lends itself to the rumors that Ron Howard is packing the movie with all kinds of Easter Eggs for fans. This may be the only nod to Boba Fett that we get in Solo, unless that freeze frame from leaked set footage really shows his silhouette.

With a new trailer on the way and this new Denny's tie-in, the Solo promotional campaign is about to kick into high gear. The new characters and the hidden Easter Eggs are sure to please even the most jaded Star Wars fan at this point. You can check out all of the trading cards below as well as the new characters and other items from Denny's thanks to Ziggy's Twitter account.