Disney and Lucasfilm have released the first trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story with less than four months to go until the movie hits theaters. The biggest question ahead of seeing this first footage was how Alden Ehrenreich would fare as Han Solo, who was brought to life originally by Harrison Ford and remains one of the most iconic characters in cinema history. This trailer did give us choice bits of the young actor as the famed smuggler and future Rebellion hero and the internet has reacted. Unfortunately, the majority of those reactions are negative.

Casting someone other than Harrison Ford as Han Solo was always an uphill battle, but much of the Star Wars fanbase appear to be hovering over the panic button after seeing this trailer. Even though everything else in this trailer looks fantastic and would appear to be everything we'd want from a Star Wars movie, if Alden Ehrenreich can't sell us on his version of Solo, it could be dead on arrival. Here's what Bleacher Report writer Davie Schilling had to say, expressing concern over some of his line readings in the trailer.

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"The element that truly worries me about Solo: A Star Wars Story is Alden Ehrenreich. Some of those line readings in the trailer are *rough*."

Ron Howard took over as director of Solo: A Star Wars Story last year, shortly after Phil Lord and Chris Miller were fired. The duo had filmed nearly all of the movie and it's said that Howard reshot as much as 80 percent of the Star Wars standalone. But it was Lord and Miller who cast Alden Ehrenreich in the role of Han Solo and his casting suited their vision, which ultimately clashed with what Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy wanted. Awards Circuit writer Joseph Braverman feels that Baby Driver star Ansel Elgort, who was one of the hundreds of actors who were considered, would have made for a better fit.

"After watching Baby Driver and then seeing this Solo trailer, I really want to know why they passed up Ansel Elgort for Alden Ehrenreich. Voice and charisma is just not there for me. Sorry."

There were reports that Alden Ehrenreich's acting was a problem and an acting coach was brought on board prior to Ron Howard's reshoots on Solo: A Star Wars Story. Is that why Lucasfilm seems to be hiding his performance as much as possible in the marketing? There was an awful lot of eye candy and set pieces to draw one's attention in this first trailer. But not everyone is concerned. A Twitter user and Star Wars fan who uses the handle @brandonh83 is encouraged by what he's seen.

"Alden Ehrenreich looks FUN as Han. People are too obsessed with him somehow playing a perfect younger FORD. That's not the point. He feels like a younger, looser HAN SOLO. It's about the character. His performance from the trailer makes him seem extremely enjoyable and charming."

Even without the production problems that plagued Solo: A Star Wars Story, doing a young Han Solo movie was always a tough sell. And, as has been pointed out, Alden Ehrenreich is only seven years younger than Harrison Ford was in Star Wars: A New Hope. So he's not really that young. You can check out a bunch of Twitter reactions to Alden Ehrenreich in the Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer for yourself below.