George Lucas isn't known for mincing words. And he doesn't hold back from speaking his mind. He hasn't shied away from saying what he truly likes or dislikes about the new Star Wars franchise since he sold it off to Disney back in 2012. While he's never really admitted to liking J.J. Abrams' The Force Awakens, he did say he enjoyed Rogue One quite a bit. While he won't comment on the firing of Phil Lord and Chris Miller from Han Solo: A Star Wars Story, he did tell TMZ exactly how he fells about Ron Howard coming into replace them. He open and honestly says this.

"I think he'll be great."

As fans know, Ron Howard worked as the lead actor in George Lucas' second big screen feature American Graffiti. And Howard, who has become an Oscar-winning director in the forty years since that movie hit big at the box office, has always looked to George as a mentor. But Ron shouldn't sit by the phone, waiting to hear George Lucas' opinion on the script, or expect the Star Wars creator to give him any advice. When asked of Lucas had any words of wisdom for his former employee, who directed 1988's Willow for Lucasfilm, George had this to say.

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"Nope. Not my job."

To the point. And funny, even if he's not trying to be. George Lucas quickly becomes irritated in the video obtained by TMZ, where he is being hounded for autographs. After signing $1000 worth of merchandise for one autograph hound, George Lucas bluntly tells him to go get a day job. The filmmaker is asked how he feels about Mark Hamill finally getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The words he says in response aren't anything special. But the way he says it, cold and uncaring, is down right hilarious.

"I think that's fine."

You can see the video for yourself over at TMZ. Earlier in the year, there was a petition started to get George Lucas to come back and direct Episode 9, with fans upset that Colin Trevorrow had the job. While that noise initially settled down into the dust, the notion has once again roared back to life, after the critical bashing Trevorrow's Book of Henry took.

Many balked at the idea of Lucasfilm firing Colin Trevorrow just a few months away from starting production on Star Wars 9. But just days after this idea was spread around the Internet, Disney and Lucasfilm shocked everybody when they fired Phil Lord and Chris Miller from Han Solo, which came four months into their production. If these two guys can get axed in the midst of shooting with just a few weeks left on the schedule, it appears that no one is safe no matter how far into the production process they may.

As Star Wars fans know, Ron Howard was hired to finish directing Han Solo, and will also oversee reshoots. He is also going to be the one handling post-production duties. We'll have to wait until next summer to see if Howard was able to salvage any of the movie. At least we know George Lucas won't have a hand in any of it.

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