Though much anticipated and awaited in theaters, Rogue One has now been seen by most hardcore fans, who are quickly turning their attentions to the next of these spin-offs, Han Solo: A Star Wars Story. While Alden Ehrenreich has caught some heat for taking over the lead role originated by Harrison Ford, Donald Glover has been met with no such backlash as he prepares to revive Han Solo's old pal Lando Calrissian. Most fans expected he would win the role, and have called the casting perfect. In a recent interview, Glover opened up about this massive undertaking, but admits that he plans to play it cool.

How cool? Billy Dee Williams cool, of course. There is no denying that Lando is the smoothest character in the entire Star Wars galaxy. He'll be starring alongside not only Ehrenreich, but also Emilia Clarke in an unknown role and Chewbacca. Though, it's unclear if Peter Mayhew will be returning as the iconic walking carpet. Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Donald Glover offered this about his approach to playing Lando.

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"It was the first action figure I ever had. I remember my dad giving it to me...I remember Lando really well. He was like the only black guy in space. And he was the cool one. I just realized, he still has to be cool. And cool is an interesting thing. It changes."

While currently being called Han Solo: A Star Wars Story by most, the first of this planned trilogy doesn't have a proper title yet. Though it was confirmed earlier this week that shooting officially begins in February 2017. We should get our first look at Young Han and Lando around that time. The movie is said to be a space Western. And it will incorporate quite a bit of humor. It will also have heist elements. Some even speculate that the world's most famous bounty hunter Boba Fett will show up, despite the character being rumored for his own spin-off.

The events in Han Solo take place roughly ten years before Han and Chewy met up with Ben, Luke and the Droids inside the Mos Eisley Cantina on Tatooine. Part of the story is said to revolve around the Sabacc game that wins Han Solo the Millennium Falcon from Lando. It's an iconic moment known by all who love Star Wars, but it has never been depicted on screen before. Donald Glover continued to discuss bringing this legendary character back to the big screen. And while he promises that Lando will be 'cool', he has questioned the definition of cool, and what it means in the age of the Millennial.

"I was watching Black Mirror, and there's an episode where they go through time and in the '50s, there's a nerd, and by the time he gets to the 2000s, he's just a hipster. He's not a nerd anymore. Cool changes depending on the perspective. Also, it's fun because [the Han Solo movie is set] before [Empire Strikes Back], so he's still figuring it out a little bit, which is fun."

In Han Solo, we'll see Lando before he came under control of Cloud City on Bespin. Chris Miller and Phil Lord are directing Han Solo, and we have a feeling that a return to Cloud City may be in order. The script was written by Star Wars vet Lawrence Kasdan, who helped pen the earlier films, and was a driving force behind The Force Awakens screenplay. He is co-writing the latest adventure with his son. It's entirely possible that Glover's definition of cool is slightly off what Billy Dee Williams thought was cool back in the early 80s and because of that, we may be getting a tweaked version of Lando, before he went full swagger.